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How to Get a Free Virtual Address For LLC?



How to Get a Free Virtual Address For LLC

The old concept of actual office space is fading away 👋 with the flexibility that comes with working 💼 from home and having a virtual office. 

Virtual business addresses provide companies with an official business address and a number 📊 of services for a certain fee without the need to rent physical space.

In this blog, we’ll explain what virtual business addresses, their benefits, how to get them, and what factors should always be considered when selecting a virtual office service for your business.


  • Virtual office address is a service that offers clients a physical postal address while they do not need to rent or own a physical business premises. 
  • Professional Appearance, Privacy, and Meeting Spaces are some of the benefits of using a Virtual Address.
  • A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is essential when obtaining a virtual address since it offers a legitimate, formal appearance.

What is a Virtual Address for LLC?

Virtual office address for LLC is a service that offers clients a physical postal address while they do not need to rent or own a physical business premises. A virtual address service not only ensures that all your business mails and parcels are received on your behalf but also helps protect your privacy with an entirely different address.

Besides the addressing service, virtual business addresses often include additional features that may prove useful to a business enterprise and these include mail forwarding, professional local phone answering service and access to office space.

Benefits of Getting a Virtual Address For LLC Business

Virtual Address provides a number of benefits. Here are some of the benefits of Virtual Address.

  • Professional Appearance: A virtual business address serves as a professional image rather than using a residential address this will earn the trust of the clients.
  • Privacy: By employing a virtual business address, one can avoid having their home address open to the public and to various records.
  • Meeting Spaces: Most of the virtual business address providers allow you to access professional meeting rooms and greeters for a reasonably indulgent fee.
  • Legal Restrictions: A virtual business address can allow you to meet legal requirements for operating a business from your home in compliance with zonal restrictions or the lease agreement.

Why Do You Need LLC for Virtual Address?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is essential when obtaining a virtual address since it offers a legit, formal appearance. When beginning a new business, many people start from their homes, but this can be unprofessional and compromise one’s privacy.

A virtual address is useful as it gives a physical address that can be used for filling out paperwork or receiving mail even if the business isn’t physically present. This is especially helpful for LLCs that require a physical location for taxation, banking, or compliance with legal requirements purposes.

How to Get a Free Virtual Address For LLC?

It can be difficult to find an LLC virtual address service that offers it for free since many of the reliable ones that offer this service require payment.

Nevertheless, there are certain approaches that you can apply to either reduce expenses or totally avoid them. Here’s how you can go about it:

Step 1: Choose a Virtual Address Provider

There are different services which are available for your choice and to know them you can search via the internet in the area you wish to locate your business. The charges for these services depend on the amount of mail processing that your business undertakes, and there are different subscription options depending on your business needs.

Step 2: Choose an Address

When you select the service you desire, you will then be able to choose the virtual address of the LLC. Picking an address is a generally good idea to ensure that it is located nearby so that you can easily collect the mail or letters that are sent to such an address. Also, mailbox services are covered at different addresses, which play a role in developing a more extended market reach.

Step 3: File Form 1583

The United States Postal Service demands form 1583 to be filled out when registering a virtual business address in the US. This form acts more as consent to the chosen service provider to pick up your mail and causes a responsible person to be associated with the specific mailbox. In order to complete this form, you need to present valid forms of identification, which are two in number.

Step 4: Redirect Mail

If you’re transitioning from a previous business address, it’s essential to redirect all mail to your new LLC virtual mailbox. To accomplish this, you can either submit a “Change of Address” form at your local post office or complete the process online through the USPS website. Additionally, consider notifying business contacts who may be sending important postal mail to ensure a seamless transition.

Step 5: Update Official Business Documents

Having an official virtual office address is allowable in most states to list your official legal address except in the states where a physical street address is mandatory, and you have an officially chosen PO box for the virtual office address instead. However, with many service providers, you can opt to have a physical business address and a PO box for your virtual office.

What are the factors to consider When Choosing a virtual office? 

Choosing a virtual office is a critical decision that demands thorough research, and there are several key factors to consider in the process.


Selecting a business address is a crucial part of your virtual business because location plays an important role in business credibility. Selecting the right address matters, mainly because people need to feel addressed correctly to do business with you or at least to have a good first impression.

Mail Handling Services

One significant benefit that is associated with the virtual business address is the handling of mail in a way that is effective and credible in keeping the face of the business professional. So, when choosing a virtual office provider, it is also important to compare service providers’ mail services, as your correspondence should be forwarded in an efficient and safe manner.

Receptionist Services

When selecting virtual office services, the quality of the live receptionist services, such as answering and forwarding your calls, will go a long way in defining how your business will be viewed by potential and actual customers. 

Originally, a polite, responsive, and helpful receptionist may ensure a high level of client satisfaction and create a favorable initial impression.

Meeting Room Access

Before choosing the virtual office space, it is crucial to consider the offered options regarding the meeting rooms and their suitability for your organization’s needs and goals. The meeting rooms should be properly equipped with all the tools, products, and climate to meet the requirements of the clients, partners, employers, and other participants.

Virtual Assistance and Technology Support

You must also determine the extent of the virtual support and technical resources made available, such as virtual help, collaboration solutions like conference calls, and others. All of these are must-haves as they are likely to enhance your business’s virtual office and ensure productivity.

Cost Structure

When choosing a virtual office service provider, the pricing plan is an important aspect to consider since most providers will present different prices for their services. Observe any charges that are not clearly outlined in the transaction to avoid hidden and other charges.


As your business grows, it becomes important to work with a virtual office service provider that can change with you; that is, one who offers flexibility and space through the various phases of growth the business will undergo. 

This scalability means you do not have to continually change your providers to fit into the needs of the business because the virtual office provides the platform for the providers to change to the needs of the business.

4 Best Virtual Address Providers for LLC Business

Looking for the top virtual address platforms for your business? The following are some of our top recommendations.

1. Easyfiling 

EasyFiling is a US-based company that primarily assists international founders. It provides a convenient solution for document submission, serving as a streamlined platform to facilitate your filing needs.

EasyFiling helps founders and freelancers from anywhere in the world to form a US company, EIN, ITIN, Bank account, taxation & compliances so that they can grow without borders.


  • Global Reach
  • One of the most cost-effective service
  • Virtual convenience
  • Free Consultant


  • The same address can be used by multiple companies.
  • Virtual office locations can be limited based on the business chosen address.

2. Anytime Mailbox 

Anytime Mailbox is an effective platform that provides businesses with a simple means to create a mobile and global presence for their clients. Thanks to extensive offers of virtual addresses in key locations globally, companies can quickly establish their credibility and prestige.

Anytime mailbox

With regards to digital mail management, Anytime Mailbox allows users to organize, preview, and forward their mail through the use of an online platform. It is, therefore, easier to use.


  • Worldwide Reach
  • Smart Mail Management
  • Customizable Options
  • Seamless Integration


  • Anytime Mailbox offers very competitive prices as far as email hosting is concerned, the costs may be slightly on the higher side if compared to the industry average in some cases. 
  • While Anytime Mailbox offers many features, it might take users longer to understand how to use it if they do not have prior experience with more complex digital mail applications.

3. Alliance Virtual Offices 

Alliance Virtual Offices package is a holistic one with a variety of options of prestigious physical office location in prime business environment to make the address service available to businesses.

Aliance Virtual Offices

Alliance Virtual Offices provides a complete virtual office service that incorporates live receptionist services, meeting space, and administrative services to provide a solution for any business.


  • Global Reach
  • Virtual Convenience
  • Personalized Support


  • The costs of add-on services should be evaluated in order to ensure their efficiency as organizations continue to enhance their virtual business addresses.
  • There can be a situation when the number of virtual office locations can be limited based on the business address chosen.

4. Davinci Virtual 

Davinci Virtual is one of the top virtual office providers that offers a full virtual office package and has the best live receptionist services, which can significantly enhance companies’ virtual identity and bring professionalism to answering their phones and forwarding calls.

Davinci Virtual

Davinci Virtual also goes further to provide companies with access to meeting rooms in prime business locations, for those times when face-to-face meetings are necessary.


  • Meeting room access
  • Live receptionist services
  • Tech integration
  • Virtual phone solutions


  • In the case of pricing, businesses should take their time and discuss more so with a view to offering more services than the initial basic virtual addresses.
  • Unlike other virtual office providers like Davinci Virtual, which provides access to meeting rooms where you can hold your meetings, these physical spaces are limited and depend on the location and occupancy level.
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Can I Use a Virtual Address for My LLC?

Yes, you can use a virtual address for your LLC business. There’s no law that prevents the use of a virtual address for an LLC. Technically, a virtual address helps small businesses and other entities like LLCs to show a business address located in a business region, while in reality, you may be home or in a coworking space.

With a virtual office, you can accept mail and deliver packages while also having services such as office space and a receptionist, all while having the option of keeping your operations separate and out of your home.

The virtual address can also be best for:

  • Freelancers
  • Digital nomads or frequent travelers
  • Content Creators
  • E-commerce Business
  • Any home-based business, such as designers, accountants, consultants, etc.

Best LLC Formation Companies

Wishing to incorporate your business and use the LLC formation service? When comparing providers who are at the top of their sector, consider aspects such as the cost, the quality offered as well as the services offered before getting to a decision but do your own homework.

Features northwest swyftfilings bizee legalzoom zenbusiness easyfiling
Cost $39+ $0+ $0+ $0+ $0+ $0
Customer Service Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Operating Agreement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Registered Agent Service Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
EIN Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
License Reports No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Expert Help Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Compliance Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Tax Advisory Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tax Preparation No No No Yes Yes Yes
Guarantee of Acceptance No Yes No Yes Yes Yes


Summing up, acquiring a free virtual office for an LLC is quite realistic and would not cost a considerable amount of money, which makes it possible to create a trustworthy image of the organization. And incorporating a virtual address to your LLC is an excellent way of boosting your LLC credibility, promoting communication, and growing your business.

However, it is very important to pay attention to the details that are stated in each available option so that you can meet the needs of your business. With all said and done you should be able to easily secure a virtual address for your business and take advantage of the services.


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