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How to Dial an Extension? A Step-By-Step Guide 



How to Dial an Extension A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you confused 🤯 about how to dial an extension number? You’re not alone. Many people find it hectic and confusing to follow all those extension prompts.

Dialing an extension can be straightforward, but it requires a clear understanding of the steps involved. Whether you are calling a business or an organization, knowing how to dial an extension can help you reach the right person or department efficiently. 

In this blog, you will learn how to dial an extension on smartphones, iPhone, and landlines.


  • A phone extension is a short number assigned to specific devices and departments within a business’s phone system.
  • An extension typically allows multiple extensions to be added to a single business phone line or number. 
  • To dial a number with an extension, dial the main number, listen for automated prompts, enter the extension code, and wait to connect to the desired department.
  • To dial an extension on a landline, dial the company’s main number, enter the extension into your speed dial and enter the call button.

What is an extension?

An extension is an addition to another phone line that directly integrates with the main telephone number. Extensions make it possible for businesses to receive calls and make multiple phone calls without the need for another line or phone. Businesses can directly call a particular individual and department inside the organization with the help of an extension number. 

For example, if you work in a company with many departments and each has different work, they probably need lots of phones to handle calls. However, adding a separate number for each department can be difficult and hectic. With an extension, businesses must add a dialing extension number to the same telephone 📲  number. After dialing the extension number, you can directly contact the department you want to connect with. This way, when someone calls the main office number, they can be directed to the appropriate department by dialing the corresponding extension.

Extension numbers can benefit small businesses with remote employees, as they allow customers to connect without dialing separate phone numbers. They are also helpful for a business with many employees and several departments that need to handle a lot of phone calls.

How does the extension work?

You already know that an extension number helps you connect directly to other lines or phones, but how exactly does the extension work?

An extension typically allows multiple extensions to be added to a single business phone line or number. For example, suppose a customer dials 📞 your business’s main phone number. When you have assigned separate extensions for each department, they hear a certain assigned dialing extension number to your sales, customer service, and accounting departments, which is usually 1–4 digits long. For example 1 for sales, 22 for customer service, etc. After entering the correct extension number, the call will be routed to a certain department, and the customer can connect to the specific department.

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How to dial an extension on a smartphone? 

Dialing an extension on a smartphone is pretty simple. All you have to do is dial the main phone number of the business you are trying to call, listen for the automated voice, look for the option to enter the extension number using the keypad, and then wait for your call to connect to your desired department.

How to dial an extension on an Android?

To dial an extension on an Android phone, you can follow these steps;

Step 1: Open the Phone App.

Step 2: Dial the main office number you want to connect to (e.g., 6666666).

If you know the extension number:

Step 3: Once you have dialed the main number, tap on the three-dot menu (:) at the top right corner.

Once you have dialed the main number, tap on the three-dot menu (:) at the top right corner

Step 4: A list of options will now appear. Select the “Add 3-sec pause” option. 

Add 3-sec pause

Step 5:  This will add a comma (,) after the main phone number. After the comma, type the extension number you want to reach.

Add a comma then the extension

Step 6: Press the Call key.

Note: You can skip these steps if you don’t know the extension beforehand.

If you don’t know the extension number:

Step 3: Dial the main number and press the call button.

Dial the main number and press the call button

Step 4: Once the call connects, you will hear an automated voice response prompting you to dial the extension of the specific department you wish to reach.

Step 5: To dial the extension number: Hold the “#” button to bring up the keypad and then enter the extension number.

To dial the extension number Hold the “#” button

Step 6: Your call will now be routed to the respective department.

How to dial an extension on iPhone?

Dialing an Extension on iphone is similar to Android;👉 let’s look at the step-by-step instructions on how to call an extension on iphone.

Step 1: Open the phone and Keypad.

Open the phone and Keypad

Step 2: Type the number of businesses you want to connect with, for example, 44444444.

Type the business number for example 44444444

Step 3: Hold the asterisk button (*) until you see a comma.

Hold the asterisk button until you see a comma

Step 4: Type in the extension number (e.g., 1234) and tap the call button.

Type in the extension number (e.g., 1234) and tap the call button.

How to dial an extension on a landline? 

To dial an extension on a landline, first, dial the company or business’s main number, then hear some automated message that will give you the extension number of your desired department or person. Then, enter the extension to your speed dial and the call button.

👉Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process;

Step 1: Dial the company’s phone number.

Step 2: Once the call is connected, listen to an automated message providing an extension number.

Step 3: Enter the extension number.

Step 4: Enter the call button.

Extensions are additional numbers that help you reach specific departments within a company. Many companies use phone extensions to route calls more effectively and efficiently.

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Final thoughts

Dialing an extension can sometimes feel frustrating with all the prompts, techniques, and methods involved. However, by taking the right steps, you can easily connect with your desired person or department.😊

When you master the art of dialing extensions, you’ll save time and make your communication with businesses more efficient. Whether you’re using an Android smartphone, iPhone, or landline, the process becomes straightforward with the right guidance.

Following each device’s outlined steps, you can confidently and effortlessly reach your desired destination. So, dial confidently and easily using these simple techniques next time you encounter an extension.🌟


How to dial an extension on an office phone?

To dial an extension on an office phone, follow these steps;

  1. Open your mobile and dial the number(ensure the office number is registered).
  2. Dial the extension number provided by prompts.
  3. Press the call button.

How do you dial an extension directly?

To dial an extension directly, you should first enter a phone number, then dial an extension number and press the call button. This simple process allows you to connect with the desired person or department without additional prompts or pauses. 

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