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How To Call The United Kingdom From The US?



How to Call the UK from the US

Are you a person or business who lives in the US but often needs to call the United Kingdom and doesn’t know how to call UK from US? 🤔

Both the UK and the US are among the top countries for international calls 📞, and not having the right and efficient way to make calls to those countries can be a big issue. It also gets expensive to make international calls, and the calling process can be quite complex😮.

Let’s end these problems with this blog 🗒️! 

In this blog, you’ll, learn the step-by-step guide to call the UK from US, including tips for calling and alternate calling methods.


  • To call the UK from the US, dial the exit code(011), UK country code (44), area code, and the subscriber number. 
  • Before dialing the UK from US, consider important factors such as time zone differences, public holidays, and country codes. 
  • Calling UK from US costs from $0.02 to $1.75 per minute. 
  • KrispCall is one of the best alternatives for calling the UK from the US at an affordable price. 

Calling in the United Kingdom

Like the US, the UK has different area codes for different cities and counties. The major UK numbers have 11 digits, while 10-digit phone numbers are also used in the minority case. 

An example of a standard UK telephone number is 01625 658942.

The breakdown of this number will be 0 1625 658942.


  • is the code to dial within the UK. 
  • 1625 is the area code.
  • 658942 is the landline number.

UK Dial Code By Area

The UK has different area codes for various cities and counties. The area code length is not the same, and the overall length of the phone number is not changed. Area codes in the UK only exist for separate geographical locations. 

Here is a list of some of the famous cities of the UK with their area codes.

City Area Code

How to Call the United Kingdom From the United States?

How to Call the United Kingdom from the United States

Often, while calling international from the US to the UK, you need to add the exit code “011” and then the country code 44 of the UK. After this, the required area codes and the subscriber number are all needed for dialing the UK from the US. 

Calling UK Landlines From the US

To call the UK landline from the US, follow these steps:

Step 1: First, dial 011 (the US exit code). You must always dial this code when making international calls from the USA.

Step 2: Now, dial the country code for the UK (44). 

Step 3: After that, enter the city’s area code. For e.g, if you want to dial London, you would dial area code20” after the country code. 

Step 4: Then, you need to dial the rest of the phone number as it is. 

Finally, you have dialed 011 44 1625658942

Calling the UK From the US 

The below steps show how to call UK from the US:

Step 1: Dial the US exit code 011. This lets your carrier know that this is an international call. 

Step 2: Dial the UK country code 44. This allows your carrier to know this call is for the UK. 

Step 3: Now, dial the rest of the UK phone number which can be:1625 658942

Calling UK Mobile Phones From the US 

Calling a UK cell phone from the US is similar to calling a landline. The only slight difference is the digits of the mobile phone number. 

You don’t need to add area codes here since no area codes are associated with mobile phones in the UK. However, there are some mobile codes that are associated with their different carriers, like O2, Vodafone, and EE. 

These steps show how to call UK from US cell phone: 

Step 1: At first, enter the exit code 011.

Step 2: Now, dial the UK country code 44. 

Step 3: Then dial the UK cell phone number as it is. 

Here, you have dialed 011 44 791113254

Calling UK Toll-free and Non-geographic Numbers From the US

Toll-free numbers in the UK start from 0800 and 0808. After adding the country code, it becomes +44800 and +44808 in the US. But, there is still some charge to call UK toll-free numbers from the US. 

Other numbers with prefixes 08xx and 03xx represent non-geographic phone numbers in the UK with varying calling costs. 

Call UK toll-free and non-geographic numbers from the US using the same process as calling UK mobile and landline numbers. 

Steps to Call UK Toll-Free and Non-Geographic Numbers from the US:

Step 1: Dial the US exit code: 011

Step 2: Dial the UK country code: 44

Step 3: Dial the UK number, excluding the initial 0

  • For toll-free numbers starting with 0800 or 0808, dial 800 or 808 after the country code.
  • For non-geographic numbers starting with 08xx or 03xx, dial the number after excluding the initial 0.


  • For UK Toll-Free Number (0800 123 4567): Dial 011 44 800 123 4567
  • For UK Non-Geographic Number (0845 123 4567): Dial 011 44 305 142 5521
Exit code of USUK country codeUK toll-free NumberUK Non- Geo Number
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When to Call the UK?

After knowing the steps to call the UK, another primary factor to consider is the right time to call. Knowing the time zone differences and national public holidays can help you decide when to call to increase answered call rates. 

Some of the factors to consider while calling UK from the US include the following: 

Time Zone Differences

The entire UK follows the same time zone: Daylight Saving Time. So, if you call Manchester, you can be sure that the receiver will be in the same time zone as someone in London or Newcastle. 

Daylight Saving Time has two time zones during the year. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) during the standard time (October – March)  and British Summer Time (UTC+01:00) ( March – October).

Here are the time zone differences between the UK compared with the US. 

US Time ZonesLocal time in the USGreenwich Mean Time (GMT)Time differences
Pacific time9 AM5 PM8 hours behind GMT
Alaska Time9 AM6 PM9 hours behind GMT
Hawai Time9 AM7 PM10 hours behind GMT
Central Time9 AM3 PM6 hours behind GMT
Mountain Time9 AM4 PM7 hours behind GMT
Eastern Time9 AM2 PM5 hours behind GMT

These time zone differences help you to know the exact time to call the UK from the US, respecting the recipient’s office and business hours to increase the likelihood of answered calls. 

National Public Holidays

Except for businesses that provide 24/7 customer support and service systems, there are some National holidays when every business or corporation is closed or only gets open for a specific time.

Here is the list of the national public holidays in the UK in the year 2024/ 2025. 

Public Holiday20242025
New Year Monday, 1 JanuaryWednesday, 1 January
Good FridayFriday 29 March Friday 18 April
Easter DayMonday, 1 AprilMonday 21 April
Early May bank holidayMonday, 6 MayMonday, 5 May
Spring bank holidayMonday, 27 MayMonday, 26 May
Summer bank holidayMonday, 26 AugustMonday, 25 August
Christmas DayWednesday, 25 DecemberThursday, 25 December
Boxing DayThursday, 26 DecemberFriday, 26 December

Additionally, there are some regional holidays to consider.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has an extra public national holiday on the 12th of July, the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne. And here’s a twist: if this holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the holiday gets postponed to the following Monday. 


Scotland gives an extra national holiday on the 2nd of January, and if New Year’s Day falls on a sunday or Saturday. The public holiday gets pushed to 3rd January. 

Scotland also provides a public holiday on the 30th of November, St Andrew’s Day. Again, if the holiday occurs on Saturday or Sunday, it goes to the following Monday. 

How Much Does It Cost to Call the UK From the US?

The cost to call the UK from the US ranges from $0.02 to $1.75 per minute. On average, it is estimated to be $1.5 per minute

However, the cost can vary depending on the service provider and the type of device you are using, whether you use a landline or mobile phone. 

How to Make Business Phone Calls to the UK Using KrispCall?

Businesses are often required to make calls, whether in the UK or anywhere else in the world, and it is important to have a service provider with good calling features and secure services. To get an all-in-one solution, you can choose KrispCall as your business phone system service provider. 

Krispcall makes making business calls to the UK effortless for you and your team members. It provides affordable pricing with comprehensive, advanced features such as international calling, Unified Callbox, call recording, and call forwarding for phones and landlines. With these features, KrispCall makes itself a better choice for small and large businesses. 

Follow these steps for calling UK from US using KrispCall: 

Step 1: First, create your account on KrispCall

Step 2: Now, log in using your credentials. 

Step 3: Go to Settings, click on My Numbers, and hit the + Add New Number button.

Step 4: Select the United Kingdom in the Select Country field and select the UK number from the pool of the list.

Step 5: Purchase a UK virtual phone number and activate it. 

Step 6: Now, start dialing your UK client’s phone number. Dial 011 ( exit code of US), and the country code 44 (UK), area code, and lastly, dial the remaining subscriber number. 

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Calling the UK from US is important to every business that often requires dealing with clients with UK numbers. To make effective calls and increase answer rates, you need to consider things like time zone differences, country codes, and public holidays. 

Also, KrispCall can be an effective alternative if you want to make high-quality calls from the USA to the UK. It is one of the best cloud-based VoIP telephony systems on the market. At reasonable prices, it provides various types of UK virtual numbers, including local, mobile, toll-free, and vanity numbers. It also offers low calling rates.


What is the +44 Country Code?

The +44 is the international country code of the United Kingdom. To call the UK from any country, you must dial this country code 44 after the exit code of your existing country. You don’t need to dial this code when calling within the UK.

Can You Call the UK From the US? 

Yes, you can call the UK from the US. To do so, dial 011 (the exit code of the US) and then add 44, the country code of the UK. After this, enter the area code of specific places and, at last, enter the remaining phone number. 

How Do You Call the UK From the US on WhatsApp?

To call the UK from US on WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp 📱 on your phone and click on new chats 💬.
  2. Search 🔍 and click the UK number you want to call. It must be saved in your device in an international format using a 44 country code.
  3. Click the contact’s name, and now click the call button 📞. 
  4. You can now communicate with another person in the UK

Note: The number must be saved on your device and contain a proper international format, and the receiver should have access to the internet. 

What is the Cheapest Way to Call the UK From the US?

The cheapest way to call the UK from the US is through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. VoIP services like Skype, WhatsApp, and Zoom also provide free international calls with an internet connection. 

What are the Alternative Ways to Dial the UK From the US?

Alternative ways for dialing the UK from US are listed below:

  • Using Calling Card: Calling cards can be bought online from several retailers. With this, you can make international calls from the USA to the UK at an affordable price.
  • VoIP services: You can use VoIP services such as Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom to make calls from the US to the UK. 
  • Social Media: Various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, offer international calling. You can use these to call the UK from the US. 
  • Virtual Numbers: Virtual phone numbers can also be an alternative for dialing the UK from US. Choose a reliable and affordable service provider like KrispCall to buy a virtual number. 
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