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How Call Forwarding Can Enhance Your Customer Service Experience? 



How Call Forwarding Can Enhance Your Customer Service Experience

Whether you are running an e-commerce store or a local brick-and-mortar shop, providing excellent customer service is essential. But what happens when your team is unavailable to answer every call in real-time? 🤔

This is where call forwarding comes in as a powerful tool to improve your customer experience game. It ensures all calls are always received or redirected to the right person or department eliminating frustration, demonstrating responsiveness, and ultimately building stronger customer relationships.

This guide will delve into how call forwarding can enhance your customer service experience and ensure no potential customer ever gets left on hold.


  • Call forwarding can enhance your customer service by promptly redirecting calls, enhancing availability, multi-channel integration, and enabling conditional forwarding. 
  • The call forwarding features also allow you to direct calls on your mobile phone. 
  • Call forwarding allows businesses to maintain a professional image among customers. 

1. Promptly Redirect Calls and Minimize Wait Times

Promptly Redirect Calls and Minimize Wait Times

One of the major ways call forwarding enhances customer service is by promptly redirecting calls and minimizing wait times. Customers call your business expecting that their call will be answered as soon as possible.

But the exact opposite happens to them – a lengthy wait time or even a busy signal.  This can be incredibly frustrating and might lead to abandoning their call and taking their business elsewhere. 

However, with the call forwarding feature, this scenario become a thing of the past. All the inbound calls can be routed to available representatives, voicemail, or even a designated overflow queue. This all depends on your pre-determined forwarding rules. Nonetheless, this ensures customers reach the right persons or department quickly, minimizing wait times and demonstrating your commitment to their needs. 

2. Enhance Availability and Reduce Missed Calls

The foundation of a positive customer experience heavily relies on the availability of agents when your customer needs them. This is where the call forwarding tool comes to your rescue as it eliminates the unanswered rings. 

With the call forwarding feature, you can forward calls to agents who are working remotely outside of business hours. Moreover, during weekends when customer calls peak, they can be automatically forwarded to a designated overflow line or voicemail box.

This ensures customer inquiries are addressed promptly, reducing the frustration of customers. Even on holidays, you can ensure business continuity by forwarding calls to pre-recorded messages and offering alternative contact methods. 

3. Improves First-Call Resolution

The call forwarding tool significantly improves the first call resolution rate. If a customer calls with a billing inquiry, without call forwarding, they might reach voicemail or a busy signal, forcing them to call back later and potentially re-explain their issue. 

But this feature allows you to route the call to a qualified representative who can handle the billing inquiry right away. 

This also saves customer time and eliminates the need for multiple calls, increasing the likelihood of resolving the issue on the first attempt. It boosts customer satisfaction and reduces the burden on your support team. 

4. Enables Conditional Forwarding

If you wish to avoid missing essential calls, you can set up call routing for different circumstances, for instance, forwarding to the second phone if the first line is occupied or if no one is picking up. This ensures that customers reach a person who may assist them. 

This results in fewer missed calls and more staff availability, which are crucial for improving customer satisfaction and how customers perceive your business overall.

Consumers who are able to reach your business and speak with an employee even under such conditions are assured that they are valued, hence improving their perception of your services.

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5. Maintains Professional Image

Maintaining a professional image is crucial as it helps you to succeed in the long run. For this, you need to provide a timely service that truly resonates with customers. Here, call forwarding helps you to ensure you never miss a call, preventing frustrated customers from encountering unanswered rings. 

This eliminates the unprofessional perception of being unavailable and conveys a message of reliability and attentiveness. 

Businesses can demonstrate a commitment to exceptional customer service, fostering trust, and building a positive brand image by promptly addressing customer inquiries through call forwarding. 

6. Multi-Channel Integration

Many call forwarding services seamlessly integrate with multiple communication channels. This enables you to route calls to mobile phones, emails with voicemail recordings attached, or web chat applications. It eventually empowers your customer service team to be available on various platforms. 

This allows customers to choose the one channel they are familiar or convenient with. It ensures inquiries are addressed promptly regardless of their location or preferred mode of communication. 

Ultimately, this flexibility fosters a more streamlined customer experience, as customers can reach you on their terms and receive the support they need without unnecessary delays.

7. Enhance Employee Productivity

The call forwarding feature not just only improves customer satisfaction, it also enhances employee productivity. This tool strategically directs calls ensuring your team is available to focus on high-value tasks during core business hours. 

For instance, forwarding calls to voicemail or an after-hours team during non-working hours eliminates unnecessary interruptions and allows employees to concentrate on completing essential tasks without the pressure of constant incoming calls. 

This not only reduces stress but also empowers them to deliver higher-quality work when they do answer calls. Additionally, call forwarding can be used to route inquiries to specialists or specific departments best equipped to handle them. It ensures a faster resolution for customers and minimizes the time employees spend transferring calls or directing customers to the right person. 

8. Provides Better Customer Service

 Provides Better Customer Service

There is no doubt that call forwarding helps businesses provide better customer service. The call forwarding feature ensures that no calls are missed even when your primary lines are busy or unavailable. 

When agents are busy or unavailable, the call can be directed to a designated agent on-call, a voicemail box with clear instructions, or even a live chat option during business hours. This builds trust and improve customer service, which are crucial for building long-term loyalty and advocacy for your business.

By responding to customer calls promptly and addressing their issues, call forwarding demonstrates responsiveness and a commitment to providing exceptional service.

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Ensure No Calls are Missed with KrispCall’s Call Forwarding Feature, Improving the Customer Service Experience

Frustrated customers hanging up due to unanswered calls can be a thing of the past with KrispCall’s call forwarding feature. This tool ensures that no inquiry or call goes unanswered. You can also choose to forward calls to team members’ mobile phones, a designated call center, or even a voicemail box with clear instructions.

This flexibility guarantees that customers will always reach a live representative or receive a prompt response, even during off-hours or when your team is busy with other calls. This prompt attention demonstrates that you value their time and inquiries, creating a positive customer service experience from the very first contact.

With prompt answers to calls and instant address of inquiry, KrispCall eventually improves the customer service experience. 

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