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Google Cloud Contact Center AI: Review of Pricing & Features



Google Cloud Contact Center AI Review of Pricing & Features

The use of AI tools in contact centers has boomed in recent years. It rose from 59% in 2022 to 90% in 2023. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now affecting key metrics of contact centers like Average Handle Time, CSAT, and First Contact Resolution.

With this, the demand for Google Cloud Contact Center AI has also risen because of the flexibility and efficiency it provides to businesses. It offers multi-communication channels, analytics, self-service, and other advanced AI tools to upgrade the current status of your CCaaS business. 

In this blog, we will cover details about Google Cloud Contact Center AI, including its pricing, features, benefits, and reasons why you should use it. 


  • Google Contact Center AI is a suite of Google Cloud products that primarily focuses on enhancing contact centers.
  • Google Contact Center AI features include Virtual Agent ( Dialogflow), Agent Assist, Insights, CCAI advisory services, and Contact Center AI platform. 
  • Google Contact Center AI costs around $100 to $200 per agent monthly. 
  • Google contact center AI helps business improve their customer and agent experience with higher efficiency by providing them with insights for making data-driven decisions. 
  • Customers are satisfied with the products after using Google CCAI to improve customer journey resolution times and provide quick solutions efficiently.

What is Google Contact Center AI?

Google Contact Center AI (CCAI) is a comprehensive suite of Google Cloud products that is designed to enhance the contact centers. It includes features such as multichannel communications, AI-driven analytics, and IVR. artifical intelligence, machine learning abilities, and analytics with desktop and mobile interfaces. 

Google CCAI’s contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution is built on your existing service provider and contains features such as SMS, chat, and VoIP telephony. Google CCaaS software lets you choose AI capabilities: NLU ( natural language understanding), live agent support, real-time self-service, customer insights, and other activity metrics accessible to agents on both mobile and desktop. 

Google Contact Center AI Pricing and Plans

Google Contact Center AI pricing is based on per-use and monthly. Every time you exceed the free limits and characters, it bills your account with a predetermined contact center AI pricing. You can easily pay according to your needs for an individual product and start using it. 

What is Google Contact Center AI

If you are interested in using the full contact center functionality, though it is priced based on the products you purchased, it is expected to cost between $100 and $200 per agent every month. Compared to other contact centers on the market, this pricing is a good value for a slightly expensive product. 

However, Google Contact Center AI pricing can be substantially lower if you require only certain Google CCAI products. Also, the Google contact center offers you $300 in free credit for trying their Google Cloud products, which will only be charged after you activate your full paid account.

Here’s a detailed table featuring the products and Google Contact Center AI pricing.  

Google Cloud CCAI ProductCostFree offerings
Text-to-speechFrom $4 to $160 per 1 million bytes ( depending on the voices )Depending upon voices ( free for 100 thousand bytes to 1 million characters)
CCAI insights Analysis $2 per 100 ConversationsNone
Topic Model labeling$2 per 100 ConversationsNone
Agent Assist
– Agent Assist for chat.
– For chat summarization
– For voice sessions with summarizations with additional feature
– For voice sessions and summarization only
– For voice sessions without summarization

– $0.06 per session
– $0.006 per session
– $0.03 per minute

– $0.02 per minute

– $0.02 per minute

Design-time requests ( uploading data to agent assist, training model, and others)  are free. 
– Text
– Audio input/output

– $0.007 per request
– $0.001 per second

$600 credit for new customers 
Cloud Natural Language
– Entity analysis
– Sentiment analysis
– Syntax analysis
– Entity Sentiment Analysis
– Content Classification
– Text Moderation
( per 1,000-character unit)
– Starts from  $0.0010
– Starts from $0.0010
– Starts from $0.0005
– Starts from $0.0020
– Starts from $0.0020
– Starts from $0.0005( per 100-character unit)
– Free for the first 5k 
– Free for the first 5k 
– Free for the first 5k 
– Free for the first 5k
– Free for the first 30k
– Free for the first 50k

Features of Google Contact Center AI

Google Contact Center AI offers multiple features that increase a company’s productivity and enhance workflow with AI-powered conversation. 

Here are some of the Google Contact Center AI features: 

1. Virtual Agent (Powered by Dialogflow CX)

Dialogflow CX allows an enterprise to have virtual agents powered by generative AI. It functions to build self-service bots that can interact with customers via SMS, voice, and chat.   

With this solution, you can smoothly switch between topics, operate multiple channels 24/7, and have live agents respond more quickly. Also, the drag-and-drop visual flow builder helps to maintain conversations. 

2. Agent Assist

Agent Assist is a live conversation AI support tool embedded into the agent dashboard, which provides voice interactions and support from the chart at the present moment. 

Agent Assist AI increases human agents’ productivity and offers better service with real-time assistance. It offers features like live transcription, LLM summarization, smart replies, a generative knowledge base, and more. 

3. Insights

Google Contact Center AI (CCAI) insights use natural language processing to identify sentiments and call drivers.  This provides analytics through the dashboards, metrics, visual displays, and other KPIs for all the call center activities, agent performance, usage, and customer data.

It also includes analyzing sentiment, popular topics, and other customer keywords, which help contact center managers learn more about customer interactions and improve call outcomes overall. 

4. Contact Center AI Platform

Google Cloud CCAI provides an omnichannel CCaaS platform with multiple channels, including SMS texting, VoIP phone, queueing, web chat-plus routing, and other AI support across channels. 

This feature in CCAI completes the cloud platform for supporting multichannel communications among agents and customers, optimizing for the smartphone era. These AI tools can also integrate with CRM and contact centers. 

5. CCAI Advisory Services

Google provides advisory services for the partners to offer a chance to improve their overall customer experience through Dialogflow CX virtual agent. Collaborating with their experts gives you an overview of your performance reports with room for improvement. 

CCAI suggests operating steps for users to get the most from your virtual agents and other features. For consultations, they use their Google Cloud consulting.

Benefits of Google CCAI 

Compared with other call centers and CCaaS platforms, Google contact center AI provides numerous more benefits. 

Benefits of Google CCAI

Here are some of the benefits of Google CCAI: 

  • Improved customer experience: The Dialogflow feature from the Google Cloud contact center allows you to create a smart virtual agent who helps customers solve small problems with self-service options. This includes knowledge base recommendations, FAQs, shopping options, routing, and appointment creation shipping, which increases customer satisfaction. 
  • Enhanced agent experience: Google Contact Center provides AI support tools, virtual agents, and other integrations with CRM and other CCaaS applications to help agents work smartly, not harder. Also, agent assist’s recommendations with live speech guidance lets you handle calls quickly, improves the first-call resolution, and offers agents a more hassle-free environment. 
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs: Google’s contact center AI increases efficiency by using artificial intelligence to handle common queries and automate workflows. This minimizes the need for agents, which reduces the overall costs. 
  • Insights that drive business decisions: Google CCAI uses advanced natural language understanding (NLU) to understand the sentiments of customers and agents, caller intent, topic models, and usage activity. These insights help in making important decisions. The use of topic models also helps businesses understand the reason behind customer calling and provides insights for improving products or services. 
  • Mobile use cases: The Google contact center integrates with multiple Google features and allows customers to conduct unique live interactions using their mobile devices. With one click, agents can verify fingerprints and request videos and photos, improving customer experience by providing solutions for their complicated queries remotely.
  • Flexibility and integrations: Google’s contact center AI allows integration with several other third-party apps such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and NICE InContact. It also allows users to choose Google Cloud products as they desire in a pay-per-user format. 

Why should I Implement Google CCAI?

The use of Google Contact Center AI can benefit you in various ways. If you are stuck on whether you should try Google CCAI or not, consider the benefits that can be achieved through Google CCAI before making a decision. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should implement Google CCAI: 

  • Improve operational efficiency: By integrating an existing contact center platform, Google CCAI helps reduce costs by using virtual agents 24/7 to answer general inquiries. This saves the agents time and allows them to engage in more complex interactions or problems. 
  • Enhance customer journey: Customers never want long waits, complicated options, inaccurate responses, or other problems that consume their time and require follow-ups. With Google CCAI features like insights, understanding customer sentiments becomes easier, which helps in proper customer journey optimization
  • Provide multi-channel solutions quickly: Google CCAI helps businesses offer quick multi-channel solutions by integrating AI-powered support through multiple platforms such as emails, social media, and live chat. This helps reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction scores. 
  • Improve resolution times:  The AI agent assist tool allows users to quickly search for answers in the knowledge base and receive automatic suggested responses. Additionally, the CCAI insights tool identifies common pain points, helping to reduce the time needed to resolve issues further.


Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI) offers a comprehensive suite of products at competitive prices.  Its transparent and innovative pricing model is suitable for businesses that use CRM or CCaaS platforms and want to enhance them with advanced AI solutions. Key features include machine learning, virtual agents, live agent assistance, and advanced insights, making CCAI a strong competitor in the market.

A standout aspect of Google Cloud CCAI is its unique and effective pricing model. Businesses only pay for the services they use, eliminating the cost of unused features. This flexibility makes it suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, you can tailor your subscription to meet your specific needs, ensuring you only invest in the tools that provide the most value. This approach makes Google Cloud CCAI a competitive choice in the market.


What is the Google contact center AI connector?

The Google contact center AI connector is a tool that helps your businesses establish reliable relationships between the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account and other Cisco products for using Google services. 

What is contact center AI?

Contact Center AI is the use of advanced AI technologies to enhance the overall operations of customer service centers. Contact center AI provides the right information to the agents at the right time, allowing them to stay focused on the conversation. 

What is the difference between the CCAI and the CCAI platform?

The CCAI platform is part of the CCAI products suite. CCAI offers a ready-made implementation omni-channel contact center built to integrate with the contact center AI (CCAI) products. 

Does Google have an AI platform?

Yes, Google has an AI platform called Google Cloud AI, which manages services that allow you to build machine learning models and work with any data type and size. 

How much does Google contact center AI cost?

Google Contact Center AI is expected to cost around $100 and $200. However, Google’s CCAI pricing model is based on pay-per-product, where you will only pay for a product that you want to use.

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