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German Phone Number Format: A Complete Guide



German Phone Number Format

Have you ever fumbled with a German phone number format and wondered if you should have included the country code, the area code, or the leading zero? International calls can be confusing, especially when dealing with unfamiliar phone number formats. 🤔

However, by understanding their structure and dialing procedures, you can ensure that your calls to Germany connect smoothly, regardless of whether you’re reaching a landline or a mobile phone. 

This blog guide is everything you need to navigate German phone numbers and stay connected effortlessly and confidently! In this blog, we will discuss the German phone format, including German mobile numbers, Local numbers, emergency phone numbers, and special numbers.

So, let’s get started.


  • A German phone number format consists of a German country code +49, an area code of 2 to 5 digits, and a local number of 5 to 8 digits.
  • German Phone Number Format (Landline): Area Code – Subscriber Number
  • German Phone Number Format (Mobile): Mobile Network Prefix – Mobile Number

What is the German Phone Number Format?

The German phone number format is the structured phone number dialing format used to make calls in Germany. It consists of several components, including country code, area code, and subscriber number. This format differs from phone number to phone number.

The country code for Germany is +49. If you are calling from abroad, you must mention it before the phone number.

The German phone number format is 8 to 11 digits long. Phone numbers are assigned by area code. These codes vary in length from 2 to 5 digits and represent different geographic locations. Cell phone numbers, on the other hand, use free area codes that start with 15, 16, or 17. In some cases, your phone number can be as long as 11 digits.

German phone number example is +49 30 1234567, where

  • +49 is the country code for Germany.
  • 30 is the area code for Berlin.
  • 1234567 is the subscriber number.

By knowing these components and the German phone number format, you can correctly dial German phone numbers, whether you’re reaching a landline or a mobile phone.

How to Write German Phone Numbers: Codes for Dialing German Numbers

Dialing German numbers depends on your location. Within Germany, you can directly dial the area code followed by the subscriber number; there is no need to dial the exit code of your country and the German country code. 

For example, to call a landline in Berlin from another German city, let’s say, Hamburg, dial 30 (Berlin’s area code) and then the subscriber’s number. The same goes for calling German mobile numbers.

However, if you are calling Germany from abroad, you need to dial your country’s exit code or international access code, followed by the German country code. The country code of Germany is +49. 

For example, to call Berlin from the USA, dial 011 (USA exit code), 49 (Germany country code), 30 (area code of Berlin), and XXXX XXX (subscriber number). So, to reach the same Berlin landline from the USA, you would dial 011 49 30 1234567.

Here are the 3, 4, and 5 international dialing codes.

Two-digit codes

German area codes are two-digit codes that identify geographic locations in Germany. The major German cities area follows two-digit. Some examples of German area codes:


Now, the number format with this 2-digit area code would look like (0)30 12345678 when calling from Germany and +49 30 12345678 when calling from some other country. When calling from abroad, the zero before the area code is removed.

Three-digit Codes

German area codes are also three-digit codes that identify geographic locations in Germany. Three-digit area codes start with a 0, followed by three more digits and 7-digit phone numbers. Some examples of German area codes:

Bad Kissingen(0)971
Bad Kreuznach(0)671

The German three-digit area code number would look like (0)971 6895430 when calling from Germany and +49 971 6895430 when calling from abroad. When calling from a foreign country, the zero before the area code is removed.

Four-digit Codes

The four-digit area codes are always followed by the 7-digit phone number. The longer codes are generally used for larger cities or regions. Some examples of German four-digit area codes:

Beuren Hochwald(0)6586

The four-digit area code for Germany is (0)6586 6895430 when calling from Germany and +49 6586 6895430 when calling from abroad. The zero before the area code is removed when calling from abroad.

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Types of German Phone Numbers

Like in any other country, phone numbers in Germany are classified into landline, mobile, emergency, and special numbers. 

1. Geographics Number (Landline Numbers)

Geographical numbers or local numbers are associated with geographical position, which means they have certain area codes corresponding to definite regions of Germany. These numbers are usually associated with businesses and households.

Many businesses use this type of number to establish a local presence in a specific area in Germany. When customers see a local number, they feel like the business is close and easy to get in touch with. This helps build trust and makes customers feel more comfortable reaching out.  

Although mobile phones are convenient, landlines are still a valuable resource in the German communication environment.

German Landline Phone Number Format

German landline phone numbers format: Area Code + Subscriber Number

  • Area Code: It Identifies the specific region in Germany and is 2-5 digits long. Major cities often have shorter codes. For example, Berlin’s area code is 30.
  • Subscriber Number: It is the unique number for the landline consisting of 5-7 digits.

Within Germany, a landline phone number is usually 8 to 10 digits. Similarly, the International German landline phone number format is 11 digits, consisting of country code, area code without leading zero, and subscriber number.

How to Dial a German Landline Number?

How to Dial a German Landline Number

A. Calling from Within Germany

  1. Dial the area code.
  2. Dial the subscriber number.

German Phone Number Example: To call a landline within the country, you would dial: 30 1234567. Here, 30 is the area code of Berlin, while 1234567 is the subscriber number.

B. Calling from Abroad

  1. Dial your exit 011 US and Canada code.
  2. Dial the country code +49 for Germany.
  3. Dial the same 2-5 digit area code you would use when calling from within Germany but omit the leading zero.
  4. Dial the 5-7-digit subscriber number.

German Phone Number Example: To call the Berlin landline from the United States, you would dial:  011 49 30 123 4567.


  • 011 is the US exit code
  • +49 is the German country code
  • 30 is Berlin’s area code
  • 1234567 is the subscriber number

2. Mobile Numbers

German mobile phone numbers are widely available to help you stay connected on the go. Identified by a non-local area code (usually starting with 15, 16, or 17), these numbers are not associated with a specific location. 

German mobile phones are important communication tools, whether for talking with friends or using navigation apps. They are also used for mobile banking, contactless payments, and digital ticket apps in public transport.

German Mobile Phone Number Format

German mobile phone numbers format: Mobile Network Prefix + Mobile Number

  • Mobile network prefix: German mobile numbers use non-geographic area codes that don’t correspond to a specific location. These prefixes typically start with 15, 16, or 17.
  • Mobile number: Similar to landlines, this is a unique 5-7 digit number assigned to the mobile phone.

A German mobile number is usually 10 digits long. However, some can be 11 digits.

How to Call a German Mobile Number?

How to Call a German Mobile Number

The process of dialing a German mobile number depends on whether you’re calling from within Germany or abroad:

A. Calling from Within Germany

  1. Simply dial the entire 10-digit number (mobile network prefix + mobile number). 

German Mobile Phone Number Example: To call the mobile number from within Germany, you would dial: 0157 6895430

B. Calling from Abroad

  1. Dial your exit code, for example (011 in the US and Canada).
  2. Dial the country code +49 for Germany.
  3. Dial the 10-digit mobile number.

German Mobile Phone Number Example: To call the same mobile number from the United States, you would dial 011 49 157 6895430, replacing the leading “0” with the country code.


  • 011 is the US exit code
  • +49 is the German country code
  • 157 6895430 is mobile number

3. Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency phone numbers are super important for serious situations. In Germany, numbers like 110 for the police and 112 for fire or ambulance help people get fast help when they really need it. These numbers are free to call and connect you with trained experts who can handle emergencies quickly. They’re like lifelines, potentially saving lives or preventing big problems.

Having just one number to call for different emergencies simplifies things and gives people comfort, knowing they can get help right away in tough situations.

Germany emergency phone numbers are: 

  • 110 (Police): Use this number for emergencies requiring police assistance, such as crimes in progress, accidents, or threats to public safety.
  • 112 (Fire Department & Ambulance): This is the universal emergency number for fire emergencies, medical emergencies, or situations requiring ambulance services.

Important Note: While some operators may speak English in tourist areas, German is the primary language used on these emergency lines.

4. Special Numbers

Special numbers in Germany with prefixes like 0180 or 116 offer fast access to unique services beyond regular phone calls. They’re handy for accessing premium services like helplines, data calls, or entertainment.

While they’re convenient, it’s important to note that they can be pricier compared to using a desktop or mobile. Before calling, it’s wise to know the cost and explore alternative options like websites or email to find cheaper ways to access the service you need. Being aware of the potential expenses helps you make smarter choices and manage your budget effectively.

Germany has a variety of special service numbers including

  • 115: Citizen’s Helpline
  • Numbers starting with 116: Harmonized Service Numbers (for example, 116 117 for medical emergencies)
  • Numbers starting with 0180: Service Hotlines (may vary depending on the service)
  • Numbers starting with 0137: Premium Rate Numbers (often used for games or entertainment)

Important Note: Always check the cost of calling a special service number before dialing, as rates can vary significantly.

Final Thoughts

Understanding German phone numbers unlocks a world of efficient communication. Whether you’re dialing locally, calling from abroad, or setting up phone systems for your business, knowing the structure of German phone numbers ensures smooth and efficient communication. 

Remember, German phone numbers typically start with a country code (+49), followed by an area code, and finally, the local number. By familiarizing yourself with these elements, you can avoid common mistakes and ensure your calls are always connected correctly. 

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Do German phone numbers start with 0?

Technically, yes, phone numbers in Germany often start with a leading zero. This zero signifies the area code, which helps identify the specific region. However, this leading zero is only used within Germany.

How many digits is a German phone number?

Most German phone number formats consist of 10 digits. This includes the area code and the subscriber number. However, some mobile phone numbers can have 11 digits. The full phone number is not appended when calling from abroad, but the country code (+49).

How long is a German mobile number?

German mobile phone number is typically 10 digits long. Mobile phone number starts with 15, 16, or 17 and use a toll-free range of 3 to 4 digits. Your subscription number is usually longer than a landline number (6 to 7 digits), so its length is limited to 10 digits. It might make a difference if your cell phone number is 11 digits long.

What is a German cell phone number example?

A German cell phone number example is +49 157 6895430.  Here, +49 is the country code, 157 is the non-geographic mobile network code, and 6895430 is the subscriber number.

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