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How To Get Free Landline Phone Service In 2024? 



How To Get Free Landline Phone Service

Do you desire landline phone service without the high monthly cost?👀

Finding free landline phone service can be a game-changer in a world where every dollar matters.

Just think about a trustworthy and very clear connection that does not cost a penny, whether for urgent calls, business calls, or just a call to speak with your friends and relatives.🤔

👇In this blog, let’s unveil how to leave financial complexity behind and get used to involving with no-effort communication. We will discuss the best free landline phone service for 2024 and what to know before opting for it.


  • Eligible individuals can apply to free landline phone service providers like MagicJack and Ooma to get free landline phone service.
  • Seniors, people with disabilities, and low-income people are eligible for free landline phone service. 
  • Government assistance programs, Telecommunication Equipment Distribution Programs (TEDPs), and Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) offer free landline phone service.
  • Ooma, Google Voice, NetTalk, BasicTalk, and magicJack are some free landline phone service providers.

How To Get Free Landline Phone Service?

Many options are available for getting free landline phone service. These services offer a practical solution to your communication needs without draining your budget. Some free landline service-providing programs are:

  • Government assistance programs like Lifetime Assistance offer a household package or free landline phone services and connections.
  • Some telecom providers incorporate customers with free service, internet connection, or cable subscriptions when they subscribe to the telecom services provider.
  • VoIP technology users are also facilitated with cheap services based on their needs.

By applying these strategies, you can have the dependability of the landline in the handset at your disposal, but not the cost. This way, you can get inexpensive landline services with technologies that work in customers’ favor.

Top 5 Free Landline Phone Service Providers

Free landline service providers provide many features like voicemail, call analytics, call forwarding, etc. Here, in the table, the top five free landline phone service providers are mentioned, along with their significant features, such as:

ProvidersSMS/TextingVoicemailInternational CallsCall ForwardingAvailable PlatformsCustomer Support
OomaLimited/UnavailableIncludedAvailable for an extra fee.AvailableOoma Telo devicePhone, Email, Chat
Google VoiceAvailableIncludedAvailable for an extra fee.AvailableWeb, iOS, AndroidLimited, Online Resources
MagicJackNot availableIncludedAvailable for an extra fee.AvailablemagicJack device, Mobile AppPhone, Email, Chat
NetTalkNot availableIncludedAvailable for an extra fee.AvailableNetTalk devicePhone, Email, Chat
BasicTalkNot availableIncludedAvailable for an extra fee.AvailableBasicTalk devicePhone, Email, Chat

1. Ooma 

Ooma is a telecommunications company facilitating Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) and free landline phone number services. It connects to an internet connection, enabling users to make and receive calls using a traditional landline phone.

Ooma Landline Phone Service Provider

Furthermore, this telecommunication company offers both free and paid plans. The free plan includes basic calling features, while the paid one includes more extra features. Features such as call blocking and voicemail transcription are available in the paid version of Ooma.

To get free landline phone service from Ooma, these steps are necessary:

  1. Buy Ooma Telo devices online or from an authorized one.
  2. Then, set up your Ooma account on the website and activate your device.
  3. Finally, connect the Ooma Telo device to your internet router using an Ethernet cable, then link your landline phone to the device. You can start making and receiving calls for free.

Ooma Key Features

  • Voicemail
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail forwarding
  • Call Blocking
  • Mobile applications
  • Call hold
  • Call analytics
  • Ooma home phone app

Ooma Limitations

  • There is no support for SMS/text messaging, depending on the plan.
  • Offers limited international calls or charges extra for the calls.
  • The inbox limit for Ooma Business Texting is 5,000 messages.
  • You can’t send and receive messages with Ooma office toll-free numbers.

 2. Google Voice

Google Voice is a telecom service provided by Google that allows free and paid calling, texting, and voicemail features. It has a web and mobile application, and whether you’re using Google Voice on your computer or cell phone, it provides a better communication experience.

Google Voice Landline Phone Service Provider

On the other hand, Google Voice allows integration with applications like Gmail and Google Hangouts, offering unified communication across multiple devices. Google Voice has top features like spam detection, which detects spam messages. 

Here are some steps to get free landline phone service from Google Voice:

  1. Create or sign up for a Google account.
  2. Visit and sign in with your Google account.
  3. You can link your existing phone number to Google Voice. Else, choose a new Google Voice number.
  4. You may download the Google Voice application on your smartphone or use a web application.
  5. Finally, you can call and receive messages using a Google Voice number.

Google Voice Key Features

  • Voicemail transcription
  • Call forwarding
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Ring groups
  • Missed call troubleshooting
  • Spam detection
  • Phone menus
  • Web application

Google Voice Limitations

  • Voice restricts calling premium rate numbers.
  • Call quality can vary depending on the internet connection.
  • Limited international calling features.
  • Limited customer support.

3. magicJack

magicJack is a  VoIP service that allows users to make and receive calls using an internet connection. This service has free and paid versions, and the free plan consists of basic calling features. Additionally, users in California may qualify for the California Lifeline program.

MagicJack Landline Phone Service Provider

Similarly, magicJack utilizes VoIP technology and converts voice signals into digital data, offering cost-effective communication solutions. It also offers call blocking and enhanced call forwarding features.

Steps to get free landline phone service from magicJack:

  1. First and foremost, purchase a magicJack online or from authorized retailers.
  2. Then, create an account with the magicJack and activate your device.
  3. Connect the magicJack device to your home internet router using an Ethernet cable. Afterward, connect your landline phone number to the magicJack device.
  4. Finally, you can make and receive calls using your landline phone.

magicJack Key Features

  • Caller ID
  • Call transfer
  • Unlimited US and Canada calling
  • Call Blocking
  • No monthly bills
  • Enhanced call forwarding
  • Free 411
  • Low international outbound rates

magicJack Limitations

  • Lacks SMS/ texting feature.
  • It highly relies on a stable internet connection.
  • Limited customer support.
  • International calling restrictions.

 4. NetTalk

NetTalk is a VoIp service that offers free landline phone service, and users can make and receive calls through an internet connection. Using NetTalk, you can freely call locally or long-distance within the US and Canada.

NetTalk Landline Phone Service Provider

In addition, this service provider offers features like multi-language support, text encoding, and voicemail. NetTalk offers both a paid and a free plan, and for more advanced features like virtual fax, you must pay an extra fee.

Steps to get the free landline phone service from NetTalk:

  1. Buy a NetTalk device like NetTalk Duo online or from an authorized place.
  2. On the NetTalk website, create an account and make registration on your device.
  3. Then, connect the NetTalk device to your home internet router using an Ethernet cable.
  4. Plug your existing landline phone into the NetTalk device, which will be activated.

NetTalk Key Features

  • Business VoIP
  • Multiple connection management
  • Automatic command completion
  • Multi-language support
  • UTF-8 support
  • Open-source and free
  • Text encoding
  • Scripting functionality

NetTalk Limitations

  • Doesn’t support SMS/texting like Google Voice.
  • You have to pay extra for additional features.
  • International calling is limited to certain countries.
  • Users with the free plan may face poor-quality support.

5. BasicTalk

BasicTalk is one of the free landline service providers that provides a low-cost alternative to traditional landline phone services. Although there is no SMS/texting feature in BasicTalk, it allows users to make and receive phone calls over the internet using a standard telephone.

BasicTalk Landline Phone Service Provider

This simple and affordable service facilitates access for users who need a basic phone service without advanced features. Other additional features of BasicTalk are call waiting and unlimited domestic calling. 

Steps to get free landline service for BasicTalk: 

  1. Buy a BasicTalk device and sign in.
  2. Connect this device to the internet using an ethernet cable and link your existing phone number to BasicTalk.
  3. Enter the device’s identification code.
  4. Now, you can make a call from BasicTalk.

BasicTalk Key Features

  • Voicemail
  • Number porting
  • Caller ID and call waiting
  • Home phone service features 911
  • Unlimited domestic calling
  • High-quality voice service
  • BasicTalk device with AC adapter
  • Battery not required

  BasicTalk Limitations

  • Heavily relies on an internet connection.
  • BasicTalk’s plan doesn’t support international calls.
  • Hardware and a BasicTalk device are required.
  • Porting numbers may not always be smooth.
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Other Methods To Claim Free Landline Phone Services

Various methods are available to claim free landline phone services, serving some specific groups, including seniors, low-income households, and disabled people. Those individuals who fall into these three categories will be given more priority. 

These campaigns and programs ensure that the targeted individuals get the best free landline services and have access to every communication tool. The top methods to claim free landline phone service are:

1. Free Landline Phone Service For Seniors

Currently, there are many opportunities for free or cheap senior citizen phone connections, mainly for landline phone service. Such measures are usually within the framework designed to ensure the social inclusion of elders and access to emergency alerts. 

The Lifeline Assistance Program and others provide free landline phone service to seniors who are eligible. Furthermore, many telecommunication providers have adopted special programs for seniors, offering them cheap rates to communicate better.

2. Free Landline Phone Service For Low-Income Households

Governmental and non-governmental schemes are available for low-income families. The Lifeline Assistance Program is the primary source of help, offering monthly telephone discounts to qualified low-income customers based on their household size. 

Similarly, federal eligibility criteria for low-income households are determined by their engagement in projects like Medicaid, SNAP, or SSI. Local agencies and state-specific programs are vital in preventing low-income earners from running out of communication options.

3. Free Landline Phone Service For The Disabled

People with disabilities can access special programs with free or cheap landline phone service.  Some government and Telecommunication Equipment Distribution Programs(TEDPs) benefit disabled people by offering free or low-cost communication services. 

These programs also make sure that individuals with disabilities can easily operate their telephone devices and communicate. Other self-centered organizations, such as local disability advocacy groups, also assist in getting free landline services for the disabled.

4. Government-Sponsored Programs For Free Or Discounted Landline Phone Services

Government-sponsored programs like the Lifeline Assistance Program and Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) are essential for providing eligible individuals with free or cheap landline phone services.

Other government-sponsored programs for free landline phone service are the Telecommunication Equipment Distribution Program (TEDP) and State Assistance Programs for Telecommunications (SAPT)

These programs are the pillar for people who are seniors, disabled and have low incomes. However, eligible individuals should provide proof of eligibility for these services in qualifying government assistance programs.

Check Offers For Senior Citizens/Veterans From Telephony Providers

Telephony service providers offer various favorable services for senior citizens or veterans. Most telephony providers provide phone service at specific rates cheaper than the normal monthly rates.

Companies like AT&T, Verizon, etc., prioritize senior citizens by providing specific senior citizen packages. Furthermore, check and consult your service providers and explore their social media channels to determine which particular offers are available in your area and how to obtain them. 

Things To Know Before Using Free Landline Phone Services

Knowing what fits your needs and preferences is crucial before using free landline phone services. You should also know limitations like hidden costs or eligibility requirements when choosing the best free landline service providers.

Before using free landline phone services to grasp the best providers with special functionality, here are some important things to know. 

  • Device Requirements: Free conventional phone services offer the chance to get a free phone number as part of the service, but one requires devices like Ooma, Telo, or NetTalk. These devices use an Internet connection to provide the best phone services.
  • Internet Connection: Free landline phone services also come with several requirements. Similarly, the availability of a high-speed internet connection is essential, as most services use VoIP, which relies on the internet to transmit voice calls.
  • Service Features: It is important to note that several features are offered, as some specific providers may lack features like call blocking, voicemail transcription, and international calling. Confirm that the provider has all the features necessary for your application.
  • Costs and Fees: Even when a service might be free, the service provider must pay taxes and fees for the services it receives. Therefore, review the fee schedule and any charges the provider offers to avoid overspending.
  • Customer Support: Always choose free landline service providers by looking at the reviews and ratings of other customers. Hence, the ratings and reviews will tell you about the applications’ customer service and support features.
  • Service Reliability: Ensure the provider delivers a good service, preferably with few disruptions. This is especially important for seniors because many depend on their landline phones for most of their communication needs.
  • Compatibility: It is important to identify whether the service works with your current landline phone or if you need to buy a new one. However, certain services may only be accessible on phone models or set-ups. So, choose compatible services. 
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In today’s digital age, finding a free landline phone service can save you money while ensuring reliable communication. Providers like Ooma, Google Voice, magicJack, NetTalk, and BasicTalk offer practical solutions with features like voicemail and call forwarding.

These services are especially beneficial for seniors, people with disabilities, and low-income households, providing essential connectivity without the high costs. You can enjoy dependable landline service at no cost by choosing the right provider and leveraging available programs.🚀


What is free landline phone service?

A free landline phone service is a telecommunications service that allows eligible people to have a home phone line without paying any charges.

What documents are required to apply for free landline phone service?

To apply for free landline phone service, you need documents to prove your identity, such as a driver’s license or state ID, proof of income like tax returns, and proof of residency.

Are there any limitations to free landline phone service?

Yes, free landline phone service has limitations. These include eligibility requirements, limited features, and service area requirements.

How can I apply for free landline phone service?

You can apply for  free landline phone service by following these steps:

  • Check eligibility.
  • Choose a program.
  • Gather documents and submit them.
  • Follow up.

Is free landline phone service available in all areas?

No, free landline phone service is not available in all areas.

Are there any additional fees or charges associated with free landline phone service?

Yes, free landline phone service has additional fees or charges. These include equipment costs, installation fees, and taxes.

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