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Inspiring Customer Service Examples from Top Brands



Customer Service examples

Since customer loyalty and positive word of mouth are important 🤔 for a business, it is essential to focus on the basic concept of good customer service to retain customers, 

Exploring 🔍 various real-world case studies can be 💯 effective for improving business services and achieving corporate goals.

Below ⬇️, we present 13 examples of great customer service 👥 that you could use to provide great customer service. These tips and ideas will help you refine your customer service strategy and achieve even better results.


  • Customer service plays a vital role in the success of any business. It not only helps to attract new customers but also contributes significantly to customer retention and loyalty. 
  • Ensuring client satisfaction through customer service is important for organizations to develop that crucial trust and, therefore, growth.
  • Some examples of good customer service include providing 24/7 service, personalized support, offering omnichannel support, and being attentive.

What is Good Customer Service?

Customer service is the step-by-step assistance companies provide to their clients before, during, and after they purchase or consume their products or services. It is a key element of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and business development.

what is good customer service

Excellent customer service goes beyond a friendly handshake or a politely written professional email. It is the consistent delivery of attentive and skilled assistance that fosters customer satisfaction and strengthens business relationships.

Advantages of Good Customer Service

Customer service plays a vital role in the success of any business. It not only helps to attract new customers but also contributes significantly to customer retention and loyalty. Here are some of the advantages:

  • It retains the customer: Customer satisfaction increases customer loyalty, which is good for the company because it is budget-friendly to retain an existing customer rather than acquire new ones.
  • Gets you more references: Effective and efficient customer service results in positive referrals, as satisfied customers are more likely to refer your products to others. This attracts more loyal customers without additional advertising expenses.
  • Increases profitability: Word-of-mouth promotion shows retail promotion where clients recommend a store to others because of positive service delivery. Subsequently, more customers begin visiting the website; this influences them to interact with us thereby increasing sales hence profits.
  • Gives you and your employees confidence: Positive feedback from a satisfied customer increases the employees’ morale, confidence, and empowerment.
  • Creates a holistic marketing scenario: The positive relationship between motivated employees and satisfied customers contributes to a positive marketing atmosphere that benefits the organization as a whole.
  • Competitive advantage: Businesses that consistently meet customers’ expectations are found to outcompete their rivals greatly, thus enabling them to sustain themselves over time.

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13 Examples of Great Customer Service for Businesses

When it comes to delivering excellent customer service, going above and beyond is essential. Here are 13 inspiring examples that demonstrate exceptional commitment to customers, along with practical tips and ideas to refine your customer service strategy.

1. Apple – Stays Alert Towards Customer Issue

Apple’s commitment to giving a seamless mesmerizing UI is also evident in a great support section and customer-intuitive interfaces. The company’s quick and easily accessible support prioritizes the customer’s knowledge above all, providing exceptional support experiences.

Apple’s customer service agents employ a structured approach, beginning with a courteous greeting, followed by thorough probing to understand customer issues, indicating empathy, and concluding the conversation professionally. They also stay adaptive by conducting follow-up surveys for their customers.

2. British Airways – Provides Personalized Customer Service

British Airways stands out for its excellent customer service. They always communicate with customers personally and keep improving their services. This makes them a top airline for customer commitment.

British Airways provides customer satisfaction surveys with complex and frequent rating scales from 0 to 10. These surveys contain questions related to the customer’s last flight, giving the airline an opportunity to receive feedback and opinions from the customers.

3. Amazon – Offers Step-by-Step Guide and Regular FAQs

Amazon, a world leader in e-commerce, offers various electronics and apparel products on one website. It is loved for its consistent customer satisfaction, which includes quality goods delivered quickly and flexibility with refunds.

An excellent piece of customer support that Amazon offers includes guided instructions and the Frequently Asked Questions stuff. In addition, the shop provides a 12-month warranty for all products purchased on the website, which contributes to the formation of trust among customers.

4. Buffer – Makes Customers Feel Valued

Buffer is an excellent social media management platform that has received a lot of attention because of the authentic customer care that the company offers its customers. This includes proper attention given to the customers, appreciating them by responding to them and making them feel valued.

The agent first makes the dissatisfied customer feel appreciated and considered. The agent then proceeds to ask more questions concerning the problem faced by the customer to see how the problem could be solved. As such, the agent plans to sort out the matter to the satisfaction of the consumer in the end.

5. Glossier – Swift and Attentive Support

Glossier maintains a superior quality of customer support because its rapid and well-informed team of experts responds to customers’ questions quickly and deals with any issues excellently. Moreover, through providing useful assistance, friendly communication, and strong sense of belonging the company is able to retain clients on different social media platforms .

Glossier provides transparent explanations and turns negative experiences into positive ones, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction. This exceptional service has earned the brand a stellar reputation on social media, with customers raving about their positive interactions with the team.

6. MyTheresa – Exceptional Management of Customer information

As one of the leading online stores concentrating on fashion apparel and accessories, MyTheresa is characterized by a professional shop selection and a strictly selected and examined range of luxury fashion items. 

This online store’s highly qualified customer support reflects the same stringent demand for quality and rich service. MyTheresa provides good customer service by being honest about delayed shipments and keeping customers informed with tracking updates. This helps turn a negative experience into a positive one.

7. Zappos – Being Transparent

Zappos prioritizes customer satisfaction by storing detailed information about its services. The company specializes in footwear, clothing, and accessories. The company highlights the importance of every customer and shows how it is ready to meet their needs.

Zappos generously outlines numerous benefits for customers, including free shipping options, a flexible returns policy, and an extended return period of 365 days in its customer service section. Moreover, it surpasses industry standards with comprehensive information in the FAQ section and transparency in order tracking details.

8. FedEx – Provides Self-Service Option

Customers always rely on and trust FedEx, as it is the world’s leading delivery service provider. FedEx helps customers manage their shipments easily by offering a self-service option, which empowers them to handle the shipment themselves. FedEx has also made most of its services available online. This enables customers to utilize business self-service tools at any time.

Moreover, FedEx has arranged the guidelines for arranging pickups, printing shipping labels, and packing guidelines. However, it is worth noticing that FedEx still provides customer care to customers as much as the client wants it, proving that it is a customer-oriented company.

9. Hilton – Offers Straightforward Answers

Customers exceed their expectations when they choose Hilton, a luxurious hotel. Hilton offers exclusive services for guests by providing assistance through a newly developed virtual assistant.

Hilton’s customer service gives clients awareness on unavailable self-parking services as well as shares the locations of the closest EV charging stations, hence making it an efficient and simple service that saves time.

10. Zendesk – Provides a Range of Options

Zendesk is cloud-based customer service software that users can easily navigate. With its extensive knowledge databases and easy integration with chatbots, companies can get help 24/7, helping them create a more efficient and satisfactory customer experience.

The Zendesk chatbot is beneficial as it offers the clients efficient, prompt assistance by presenting a range of options, controlling the flow of the conversation, and referring them to the appropriate information. It also confirms the company’s dedication to quality with a related but more specific question.

11. Starbucks – Provides Engaging User Experience

Starbucks excels in customer relations. The company has achieved that by creating a feeling of uniqueness and personalizing its services. It has also created an interactive platform that absorbs consumers’ inputs, and finally uses them in the designing of new products and services for its clients. 

Additionally, Starbucks is able to harness the power of feedback from its clients in order to provide exceptional customer service – thus setting a good example for other companies wishing to offer services that meet the needs and expectations of their customers. The design of the questionnaire is a special type of grid that allows individuals taking it to finish quickly.

12. Tesla – Strong Online Presence

Tesla has dedicated customer service available 24/7 on the Tesla application. In most cases, Tesla customer support fixes problems from a remote location while engaging the owner in a premium ownership experience.

Tesla’s customer support team assists car owners in real time with issues and provides prompt updates on solutions for anything that needs to be fixed. Also, Tesla has a strong online presence, meaning that owners are welcome to multiple forums and discussions on social media, where people share their opinions and knowledge.

13. Duolingo – Provides User-Friendly Interface

Duolingo has limited customer support service as it focuses on using games. It has a very friendly user interface, whereby users can easily learn how to use it on their own. Additional support is available on the forums and social platforms.

The available support tools are convenient and straightforward. Plus, the company has a rather extensive Help Centre that contains information on all the most ordinary and frequently occurring problems and ways to solve them while using Duolingo.


To develop such critical trust and growth, it is paramount for an organization to make sure that its customers are satisfied by providing them with excellent customer service. 

Businesses can apply most of the stated techniques in their customer service strategies if they have them properly. That is because each of these example demonstrate aspects like empathetic problem-solving, integrity, attentive support, omnichannel support, and personalized support, which make for great customer experiences. 


How do you enhance your team’s customer service?

Here are a few ways to enhance your team’s customer service:

  • Assess Every Interaction: Examine each touchpoint to identify areas for improvement.
  • Refine Your Approach: Enhance customer interactions to deliver exceptional service.
  • Develop a Winning Strategy: Strengthen your customer service strategy to drive loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Empower Your Team: Ensure your representatives are engaged, motivated, and equipped to provide outstanding service.

How do companies measure customer service?

Companies measure customer service using several key metrics:

  1. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score: This score measures customers’ overall satisfaction with a company’s products or services. It provides insight into how well the company meets customer expectations.
  2. Net Promoter Score (NPS): It measures customer loyalty and the likelihood of customers recommending the company’s products or services to others. It indicates the overall customer sentiment and potential for word-of-mouth promotion.
  3. Customer Effort Score (CES): This score measures the ease of the customer’s experience interacting with the company. It reflects how much effort customers need to put into resolving their issues or achieving their goals.
  4. First Response Time: It measures the speed at which the company responds to customer inquiries or issues. It indicates the company’s efficiency and responsiveness in customer service.
  5. Customer Churn Rate: It measures the percentage of customers who stop using the company’s products or services over a specific period. It highlights customer retention levels and helps identify underlying issues that may be causing customers to leave.

What are the qualities of good customer service?

Good customer service is characterized by qualities such as empathy, active listening, prompt responsiveness, clear communication, and a proactive approach to resolving issues. These qualities work together to build trust, loyalty, and satisfaction with customers.

What good skills are required for customer service?

Skills required for customer service are: 

  • Respect: Treating customers with respect and dignity, regardless of their attitude or situation.
  • Patience: Listening attentively to customers and waiting for them to finish explaining their issues.
  • Self-control: Maintaining composure and professionalism in challenging situations.
  • Concern: Showing genuine interest in customers’ needs and concerns.
  • Attentiveness: Focusing on the customer and avoiding distractions.
  • Empathy: Understanding and relating to customers’ emotions and perspectives.
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