cloud-based contact center benefits
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Top 9 Benefits of Cloud-Based Contact Center

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  • Last Updated: 06 Dec 22
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Cloud-Based Contact Center is modern software that manages calls & interactions, which is based on the cloud. It connects through the Internet to the software provider’s secure data centers. Agents use this software to provide customer service for inbound & outbound communications.

Cloud Contact Center software makes it possible for agents & customers to connect over multiple digital channels such as SMS, Emails, and Chat, which is most convenient for them. It is used in large industries or organizations where multiple calls and call routing happens.

Most of the contact centers still use on-premise techniques, limiting the communication between the business and customers. However, the benefits of cloud-based contact centers outweigh the on-premise call centers in many many respects.

And here, we will be discussing all the notable advantages of cloud-based contact center solutions for modern businesses.

Key Benefits of Switching to Cloud-Based Contact Center

1. Improves Customer Experiences

Every customer needs smooth interaction with the business they wish to do, or else they might switch to a competition or cancel the order. Let’s say you are doing business and your customer wants to reach you for some queries about the product. Your customer expects to connect with someone who can help them right away.

If your customer gets stuck on hold or in a never-ending IVR, you may lose that customer. It will make a wrong impression, and it directly impacts your business. According to Twilio’s Customer Communication Report, if there is no smooth interaction, 38% of customers cancel the order and switch to a competitor, 66% of customers tell their friends and families about their experience, and 41% of customers will stop doing business with your company.

Thus, you must always try to provide top-notch services to customers if you want to grow your business. With Cloud-Based Contact Center, you can gather data on your customers from different sources and provide them with a perfect experience.

2. Reduced Costs

One of the benefits of switching to cloud solutions is cost savings. On-premise installations take a large amount of cost, as well as additional maintenance and upgrade costs. To avoid these fees, switching to cloud solutions can be a better choice. Also, it is affordable for any business, extensive to small.

Running a cloud-based contact center is less costly than purchasing and maintaining an on-premise contact center. Also, updating the software is handled by the vendor that provides you with the software. These facilities save you extra time and cost which you can use for other work.

Getting phone numbers and paying the bills is also fast and convenient, which further saves your time and money.

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3. Faster Implementation

The on-premise contact center takes months to fully implement and deploy as it is installed on local servers. At the same time, cloud-based contact center solutions can be fully implemented much faster since users will be using the software online. Agents will be starting making calls and interacting with customers in weeks rather than months across other digital channels.

Many vendors from whom you purchase the contact center software also offer you services or support. It will make the implementation process go more smoothly and save you time.

4. Better Security

With the growth of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, security for cloud-based contact centers and data centers has improved. Every business cannot afford technical experts and resources to keep its system’s security at the top level. In contrast, vendors who are providing cloud solutions have invested their time to provide top-level security.

It also turns out that storing your data in a data center operated by a cloud provider that follows national and international security requirements and certifications may be safer. These vendors will have multiple centers and resources to keep them safe physically and virtually.

5. Ease of Remote Working

It is one of the significant benefits that cloud solutions provide to employees. As agents and administrations can work online, it is easy for the administration department to manage agents.

Having a percentage of your workers work remotely can also help you save money. Remote working also gives employees freedom and flexibility, which helps keep their morale up and work actively.

6. Increased Scalability

If you use cloud solutions, you can add additional seats to handle the workloads if the inbound call volume suddenly increases. It will be easy to hire new agents during peak call season, which can benefit you a lot.

And if you are getting lower inbound calls than average, then you can easily remove seats as well. The capacity to scale up or down your organization based on your current demands is one of the most significant advantages of a cloud-based solution.

7. Increases Agent’s Productivity

Switching to cloud solutions helps increase agents’ productivity as they can work remotely from anywhere, and also they can access the database that displays the customer’s history. Having the complete information of customers from different sources makes it easy for agents to interact with the customers.

The increased flexibility directly affects the agent’s morale and ability to work actively, affecting your business. They can also save time by having interactions with clients across several digital channels.

8. Greater Agent Versatility

Along with the quick setup and installation, cloud solutions also enable greater agent versatility. The cloud solutions provide on-demand basis data and processing capabilities, enabling staff agents to work from anywhere in the world and thus provide 24/7 customer services.

Hosted solutions enable agents from different contact centers or any other location to collaborate successfully, giving brands more flexibility and productivity at the same time.

9. Reporting and Analytics

The ability to gather information and data about the customers you have to deal with is one of the significant benefits of cloud-based contact centers. It will be a costly affair if you have to spend a lot of time and money to connect with your customers. Instead, use cloud solutions that collect all the information that you need and use it as a weapon to improve your business.

With correct call tracking and analytics, you can keep track of your customers and keep them satisfied, which results in the growth of your business.

On the Whole

A cloud-based Contact Center is a way you can interact with your customers, which is based on the cloud. It can improve and benefit your business in lots of ways which results in growing your business. You can keep track of your customers and keep them fully satisfied, which is very important.

If you are looking for a new contact center, a cloud-based contact center is a way to go. Choosing a cloud solution over on-premise can save you a lot of money and time in the future. So, where can I get a cloud solution? KrispCall provides top-notch cloud-based contact center software that can help you with your business. You can get cloud solutions for any business you own, from large industries to smaller ones. You can get various other features like Unified Callbox, Call Recording, Call histories, IVR, custom greeting, etc., along with cloud contact center software at an affordable price.


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