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How to choose the right local area code for your business?



right local area code

Your business phone number is: a silent ambassador that builds trust. 

It’s the first impression potential customers have before they even pick up the phone. But beyond the number itself, the area code can play a crucial role in how they perceive your business. 

A local area code instantly positions you as a familiar face and a trusted expert right in their community. This can significantly boost customer confidence and even influence how many calls you receive.

However, with so many options available, choosing the right local area code can feel overwhelming. 

This guide is here to simplify the process. We’ll explore the benefits of a local area code, unveil the different choices you can consider, and help you select the perfect one to represent your commitment to your local community.

Ready to unlock the true potential of your business phone number? Let’s embark on this journey together! 

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What Is A Local Area Code?

A local area code is a three-digit code attached as a prefix to phone numbers to identify a particular geographic region or city, such as 212, which is the area code for Manhattan, New York. This means anyone trying to connect with people living in New York City has to add 212 to the phone number before making the call. 

right local area code

Local area codes are used by businesses to target customers in geographical areas where they don’t have a physical presence. This helps businesses establish a local presence in different areas. People are more likely to answer calls that they recognize, so the local area code helps to build trust among local customers and improve brand credibility.

Importance Of Area Codes In Telecommunications

A local area code is essential for businesses, especially telecommunications companies, to increase customer loyalty and build a regional identity. By using local numbers, telecommunication companies can reach a wide range of customers and connect with them more easily.

Let’s look at some factors that define the importance of area code in telecommunications:

  • Facilitating Regional Connections: Area codes are special numbers that help identify a phone number’s location. They tell you the general location or region of a phone number. This is really important for businesses that have offices or locations in different places, as it allows them to communicate easily across those distances.
  • Establishing Geographic Presence: For companies, having a phone number with a local area code can make a big difference in how customers see your business. It helps create this sense of familiarity and trust, even if your company isn’t physically located in that area.
  • Enhancing Brand Image: For businesses, having a phone number with an area code can make their brand seem a lot more prestigious and important, too. It’s like a little stamp of approval that tells customers this company is the real deal.
  • Tracking Marketing Campaigns: By assigning a unique phone number (vanity phone number) with a specific area code to each of those campaigns. The business can track where the calls are coming from. They can see which marketing tactic is bringing in more customers and sales.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing the Right Local Area Code?

Picking the best local area code for your business can make a big difference in how credible and successful your company is. When you choose the right area code, it can give you these kinds of benefits:

right local area code
  • To Build Up Your Local Presence: Having a local area code helps a company develop a local presence, even if a company doesn’t have a physical site in a given area. This could give the company the appearance of being more reputable and involved in that specific area.
  • Experience The Additional Features: When you use a local area code for your business, you might have access to additional features or benefits, such as improved call routing options or porting of local numbers. These extra perks can be really useful, so it’s worth looking into what different area codes might offer when you’re choosing which one to go with.
  • Gaining Customer Trust: Customers are more likely to trust you if your firm has a local area code since it gives it legitimacy. The local area code gives the feeling that the business is part of the community, fostering a sense of belonging and trust among customers. This kind of trust helps build solid bonds and encourages loyalty.
  • Support Local Businesses: By using a local area code, people can see your support for local establishments and your commitment to the community. This will help your business gain the support of the locals and establish a significant presence in the local market.
  • Strengthening Customer Relationship: Local area code help to establish a direct connection with your local audience, creating a sense of community and familiarity. This direct connection can strengthen customer relationships and enhance overall customer satisfaction.
  • Brand Credibility: Having a local area code can really help make your business seem more credible and trustworthy. It shows customers that your company is part of their local community and is dedicated to providing them with great service. This can go a long way in building up your brand’s reputation.
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The Process of Choosing The Right Local Area Code

Picking the best local area code for your business can make a big difference in how your brand is seen, how well you connect with customers, and how successful your company ends up being. However, figuring out which area code is the right one can be really complicated. 

Therefore, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

right local area code

1. Identify Your Target Market

First, you need to figure out exactly which area or city you want your business to extend and make a local presence. This is important because you want the area code to match where your target customers are located.

Next, you need to learn about the preferences and needs of the customers in that target area. That way, you can choose an area code that will really resonate with and appeal to the customers you’re trying to reach.

2. Align With Your Service Area

To choose the right local area code, you have to make sure the area code you choose matches up with the location of your target customers and where you provide your services.

Also, think about the type of business you’re in and what area codes are commonly associated with that industry. This can help you pick an area code that will make the most sense and feel most natural to your potential customers.

3. Target A Nearby Major City (if applicable)

If you’re trying to reach customers in a specific city, using an area code from a nearby major city can be really helpful. However, it might not be applicable in cases where there are no major cities around your targeted city

Doing so will make your business seem more local and connected to that area, which can make potential customers feel like they can trust you more. This can go a long way in building relationships and getting people to want to do business with you.

4. Consider Accessibility And Cost

Another important process that can help you choose the right local area code is considering the area code’s accessibility and cost. You’ll want to look at how easy it is for people to get a hold of the local area code you’re thinking of using and how much it might cost.

It’s crucial to choose an area code that provides phone numbers that are not only easy for people to remember and pronounce but also convenient for customers to call. This consideration of customer convenience can significantly improve your business’s accessibility and customer satisfaction.

5. Choose The Right Provider

To choose the right local area code, you have to choose the right provider. You’ll need to do some research to find a good company that can give you the local area code you want to use. Make sure they offer all the features and support you’ll need for your business.

By opting for top providers like KrispCall, you can find the area code that best fits your business needs. This way, you can obtain the area code you want at the right price and with the right services, setting your business up for success.

6. Consider Additional Features

Along with getting the local area code, you’ll also want to look for some extra features that can make your business phone number more useful. Things like being able to forward calls, have voicemail, and look into call analytics can be really helpful.

Make sure the company you choose to provide your local area code also offers all the additional features your business will need to work effectively. That way, you can get the full package to support your operations.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Local Area Code Number 

When you’re picking a local area code for your business’s phone number, there are some key things you’ll want to consider:

1. Ensure Your Target Audience’s Location For A Better Local Presence.

Picking an area code that matches where your target customers are located can really help your business feel more local to them. Customers tend to trust and interact more with companies they see as being part of their own community. 

Using an area code from their area builds that sense of familiarity and trust, which can lead to them being more interested in your business and sticking with you as loyal customers over time.

2. Reflect On Your Business Reach: Local, Regional, Or National.

The area codes you pick should match the size and reach of your business. If your company mostly serves customers in one local area, using a local area code for that area can help show you’re really part of that community.

But if your business covers a larger region or the whole country, you might want to use multiple area codes or even toll-free numbers. That way, you can reach a wider range of customers and let them know your business is available across a broader area.

3. Check Number Availability With Service Providers To Avoid Delays.

Before you lock in the area code you want to use, you should check with telecommunication service providers to make sure that specific area code is actually available. If the area code you had in mind is already taken, that could cause problems and delays for your business. 

Therefore, taking the time to verify the availability ahead of time can help you make sure the use of your new area code goes smoothly.

4. Evaluate The Potential For Memorable Vanity Numbers.

Having a really memorable phone number can be great for marketing your business. Numbers like 1-800-100000 are easy for people to remember because they only have to memorize a couple of digits to remember the whole number.

Therefore, see if you can find an easy-to-remember number like that within the area code you want to use. Having a number like that can help your brand stick in people’s minds and get them more interested in your products or services.

5. Analyze the costs associated with different area codes.

Different area codes can have different prices, which include both set-up and monthly costs. So, it’s really important to look at and compare these prices to make sure they work with your budget. 

Even if a certain area code costs a bit more, it might be worth it if it’s more well-known or prestigious, because that could help you make more money in the long run. You have to think about whether the benefits of having that specific area code would outweigh the extra costs.

6. Ensure Easy Accessibility And Recognition On Mobile Networks.

These days, most people use cell phones instead of landlines, so it’s really important to pick an area code that’s easy for them to dial and recognize on their mobile devices. You want customers to be able to call your business number without any problems or confusion.

Try to avoid area codes that might be less common or harder to dial on a smartphone. That way, it’s quick and simple for people to reach out to your company.

7. Consider The Impact On Brand Perception And Customer Recall.

The area codes you pick can actually affect how people see your brand. Choosing the right one can make your business seem more professional and dependable. If it’s an area code that’s easy for customers to remember, it can help them think of your company again in the future when they need your products or services.

Therefore, choosing an area code that creates a good impression and sticks in people’s minds can really boost your business.


In the end, having a local area code acts like a label that connects your business to a specific geographic region. This helps you seem more like part of the local community to customers. By matching the area code to where your customers are, you can build more trust and familiarity with them. 

So, picking the right area code involves considering who your target customers are, how big an area your business covers, and how easy it is for people to call you. All of this helps your company appear more credible and approachable, which can lead to more customers. 

Therefore, The area code you choose is an important part of how your brand is seen in today’s phone and communication world. However, to choose the area code that fits your business needs, first, you have to make sure that your phone number provider provides the area code that you need.

When it comes to local area code numbers, the best option for you, without a doubt, is KrispCall. With KrispCall, you can get virtual numbers from 100+ countries and enjoy features like call analytics, call listening, phone tree (IVR), shared numbers, etc., that come along with those. This allows your business to establish a local presence in multiple markets without the need for a physical presence.

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