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10 Best Business Cell Phone Plans in 2024



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Choosing the ✔️right business cell phone plan can be beneficial for meeting your business needs and requirements. Reliable and efficient communication with proper collaboration is important in today’s business world. Each business plan has factors to be considered, such as cost and budget, data requirements, coverage, number of users, features, services, data security🔐, and more.

When your business gets the best cell phone plan, you can keep your enterprise connected and competitive by offering exceptional value, reliability, and flexibility. This blog helps showcase the best business cell phone plans that can help align with your company’s communication needs and budgets.

Suppose you want plans with unlimited data, international coverage🌍, or advanced security features. In that case, you have surely come to the right place, as this comprehensive guide can help you make an informed decision and empower your business to thrive in today’s digital age of technology.

🔑Key Highlights

  • Business Cell Phone Plan is essential as it helps impact the company’s efficiency and productivity.
  • Business Cell Phone Plans can often include various security measures like malware protection, encryption, and secure communication that help to protect sensitive business information.
  • Many business cell phone plans offer 24/7 Customer Service Assistance, essential for businesses operating across different time zones.
  • Many business cell phone plans often integrate with CRM systems, project management and collaboration tools, which helps enhance workflow and efficiency.
  • We have listed the best business cell phone plans with the comparison table, including their main features and pricing. Also, we have explained in brief each cell phone plan, including its limitations.

What is a Business Cell Phone Plan?

A business cell phone plan is a voice and data service package given to each organization’s employees. Businesses use it primarily to meet their communication needs, monitor overall performance, and maximize the use of advanced VoIP features. This plan allows employees to conduct commercial activities through the business cell phone instead of their personal phone.

What is Business Cell Phone Plan

Business cell phone plans are designed to allow data allocation across different lines, ensuring heavy data users can access more data, and light data users can access fewer data. Also, this plan includes international calling, texting, roaming, and data options to support global business operations.

These plans provide an advanced set of VoIP features and pricing structures designed to meet the companies’ goals and needs, ensuring the businesses can meet efficient, reliable, and secure communication.

How Does a Business Cell Phone Plan Work?

A business cell phone plan is designed to meet specific business needs by providing a range of VoIP features. Businesses can set up accounts with VoIP service providers, which includes access to adjust plan features, remove lines, monitor usage, and manage billing features.

The plans often include unlimited talk, text, data, mobile hotspots, international roaming options, customer support, etc. Businesses can buy cell phone plans according to their team structure, needs, expenses, and income. The plans often include security features like malware protection and encrypted communications.

Some business cell phone plans can integrate with various business and data reporting tools, such as Zapier and Pabbly Connect, as well as CRM tools, such as HubSpot and Pipedrive. The plans can also consist of cloud storage and backup solutions that help support business continuity and data management.

10 Best Business Cell Phone Plans for 2024 

Choosing the best business cell phone plan can be essential for your company. Any business wants a reliable cell phone plan that fits its budget and provides advanced VoIP features that suit its needs.

Business Cell Phone Plans Providers Main Features Monthly Pricing (per user) Best For
KrispCall Unified Callbox, DND Mode for Agents, Call Recording $15 International Call Handling
Google Voice Voicemail Transcription, Voicemail Greetings $10 Voicemail Features
Zoom Phone Call Blocking, Call Hold, Call Recording Free (Basic)$12 (Pro) Advanced Call Handling Features
Ooma Hot Desking, Call Queuing $19.95 Low-Cost 24/7 Customer Support
T-Mobile Unlimited Music & Video Streaming, Text Messaging, Video Calling $25 Unlimited Cell Phone Plans
USCellular HD Voice, 6 way conference calls $29.99 Regional Network Coverage
RingCentral IVR, Automatic Call Recording $20 Robust Contact Center Solutions
AT&T Voicemail, Call Filtering $36 Extensive Network Coverage
Nextiva Call Park, Call Screening $18.95 Unified Communications
8×8 Video and Audio Conferencing, Voice Calling Talk to Sales Team Video Conferencing Capabilities

1. KrispCall: Best for International Business Call Handling

KrispCall is one of the best phone systems for small—to medium-sized businesses. It offers a unique set of VoIP features that differentiates it from other cell phone plan providers. The unified communication platform, ability to integrate with various CRM systems, and 24/7 Customer Support System at an affordable price in the basic plan make it the best overall business phone plan.

Since KrispCall allows businesses to customize the features according to their specific needs, businesses can enhance overall efficiency and user experience by tailoring the service to meet their requirements. Businesses can also use integrated CRM systems through KrispCall to manage customer relationships effectively.

KrispCall offers three major cell phone plans: Essential, Standard, and Enterprise. The Essential plan offers various advanced VoIP features with CRM integration options for just $15 monthly, which is rare in other business cell phone plan providers.

Suppose you have a startup company and are confused about which business cell phone plan to choose. You can look up KrispCall, set up a new account, and select the annual Essential plan at just $12 per month, which includes unified communications for all employees. Then, you can easily add new services and users to the KrispCall plan without disruption as soon as your startup grows in months or years.


  • Unified Callbox
  • Call forwarding and call transfer
  • Multiple phone numbers and number sharing
  • Bulk SMS
  • Single-level and Multi-level IVR


  • A single KrispCall subscription limits users from logging into the app on multiple devices


Plans Pricing (Monthly/ user)
Essential $15
Standard $40
Enterprise Contact the Sales Team

2. Google Voice: Best for Voicemail Features

Another best option for a business cell phone plan is Google Voice. The basic plan starts at a minimal cost and requires no long-term contracts. It can be an excellent choice for businesses seeking a cost-effective and flexible solution. The integration with Google Workspace and similar tools is comprised of scalability and security, making it a reliable option for modern businesses.

The standard plan includes various additional VoIP features, such as desk phone support, Auto-Attendant, and Ring Groups, which have unlimited users. The premier plan is designed to include Advanced Reporting options. 

As a large organization, Google continuously updates and improves its services, ensuring users can access the latest features and security enhancements. Google Voice benefits from Google’s extensive security infrastructure by offering protection against spam calls and other security threats.


  • Personalized Voicemail Greetings
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Call Forwarding
  • Provides a free phone number to make and receive calls within the US and Canada
  • Google Workspace Integration


  • There is a limit to up to 10 users in a paid plan.
  • Group Messages are Limited to 8 participants, and Text Messages are Limited to 160 characters.


Plans Pricing (Monthly/ user)
Starter $10
Standard $20
Premier $30

3. Zoom Phone: Best for Advanced Call Handling Features

Zoom Phone is a reliable option in today’s business market. The seamless integration with Zoom Meetings & Zoom Chat helps seamless transitions between video calls, phone calls, and messages. It offers a range of video conferencing capabilities with HD video and audio quality.

Zoom Phone offers three major plans: US & Canada Metered, US & Canada Unlimited, and Global Select. Users with a metered plan are charged based on the total data used. Users with an unlimited plan can use the advanced call-handling features with unlimited calls and uninterrupted communication capabilities.

Zoom Phone offers a direct dial number in the Global Select Plan. If you have a small business that focuses mainly on call handling, Zoom Metered might be the best small business phone system. If you have a medium or larger business, the Zoom Unlimited or Global plan might be the best option to ensure smooth business communication.


  • Call Blocking
  • Call Hold
  • Call Recording
  • Free US & Canada Number
  • One Management Portal


  • Conference Barge is only available to shared line groups
  • Limited Collaboration Tools


Plans Pricing (Monthly/ user)
US & Canada Metered $10
US & Canada Unlimited $15
Global Select $20

4. Ooma: Best for Low-Cost 24/7 Customer Support

Ooma is another VoIP phone system in this top 10 list that offers a variety of business cell phone plans designed to cater to the communication needs of small—to medium-sized businesses. The Ooma Office Mobile app integration helps the employees to make and receive calls, and send texts directly from their mobile devices.

Ooma offers 3 business cell phone plans. Essentials, Pro, Pro Plus. No Contracts are necessary for any type of plan. All plans include unlimited calling in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The video conferencing has up to 25 participants in the Pro business plan and 100 in the Pro Plus business plan. Hot Desking and Call Queuing are other Pro Plus business cell phone plan features.

Ooma’s services provide a feature-rich VoIP solution that integrates well with mobile and desktop devices. To enhance service capabilities, Ooma offers various hardware options, such as Ooma Office Base Station and Expansion units.


  • Hot Desking
  • Call Queuing
  • CRM Integration 
  • Auto Dialer
  • Virtual Receptionist Scheduling


  • 2048 character limit for outgoing text messages
  • Can’t Send and Receive text messages from Ooma’s Toll-free Numbers


Plans Pricing (Monthly/ user)
Essentials $19.95
Pro $24.95
Pro Plus $29.95

5. T-Mobile: Best for Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

T-Mobile is known for its extensive 5G network coverage and range of VoIP features designed to support business operations. All plans offer unlimited data, which is crucial for businesses heavily relying on mobile internet access. You need to check the coverage in the specific area to ensure reliable service.

T-Mobile offers four prepaid plans: 10GB, Unlimited Promo, Unlimited, and Unlimited Plus. All four plans offer unlimited talk, text, and data features with 5G network access and 4G LTE data. This plan can ensure that data speeds are not deprioritized during network congestion, mainly used to maintain productivity.

T-Mobile offers some of the best business cell phone plans, focusing strongly on 5G Connectivity, unlimited data, and value-added features like Microsoft 365 Integration and in-flight connectivity. The Advanced and Ultimate plans offer video streaming capabilities, allowing users to enjoy high-speed mobile hotspots and entertainment.


  • Unlimited Music & Video Streaming
  • Text Messaging
  • Video Calling
  • 5G Network Access
  • Scam Shield Premium Protection


  • Slower Data Speed During International Roaming
  • Longer Resolution Time During Customer Support


Plans  Pricing (Monthly/ user)
10GB $40
Unlimited $50
Unlimited Promo $55
Unlimited Plus $60

6. US Cellular: Best for Regional Network Coverage

US Cellular is known for its unlimited data use within the USA. It offers several business cell phone plans tailored to different business sizes and needs. It has a strong rural coverage. It’s important to assess your business’s needs to choose the most appropriate plan. You should know that data prioritization thresholds affect data speeds after exceeding certain usage levels.

US Cellular has three business cell phone plans: Unlimited Data Basic, Unlimited Data Everyday, and Unlimited Data Even Better. All three plans can be important depending on your business’s specific needs and requirements.

US Cellular offers some of the best business cell phone plans, focusing mainly on Ultra HD Streaming, Call Guardian Premium, 25 to 50 GB Hotspot Access, Unlimited Mexico and Canada LTE data, etc. These all come under Everyday and Even Better business plans.


  • HD/ UHD Voice
  • 6 way conference calls 
  • Unlimited Mexico and Canada LTE data
  • Call Guardian Premium


  • Problems in International Roaming
  • Poor VoLTE performance


Plans  Pricing (Monthly/ user)
Basic $30
Everyday $40
Even Better $50

7. RingCentral: Best for Robust Contact Center Solutions

RingCentral is another VoIP phone system that offers various business cell phone plans tailored to meet business needs and requirements. It integrates phone, video conferencing, and messaging services using comprehensive VoIP solutions.

RingCentral has three business cell phone plans: Core, Advanced, and Ultra. With these plans, you can have unlimited AI-powered video meetings with up to 100-200 participants. AI Meeting Transcription, Summaries, and Insights are also important features of RingCentral.

CRM integrations with over 300 apps and unlimited storage for files and recordings with device analytics and alerts in the advanced and ultra plans makes it one of the best business cell phone plans.


  • AI Powered Video Meetings
  • Advanced Call Monitoring & Handling
  • Auto Call Recording
  • IVR
  • Automatic Call Recording


  • SMS Filter not available
  • No Direct Linux Support


Plans  Pricing (Monthly/ user)
Core $20
Advanced $25
Ultra $35

8. AT&T (Best for Extensive Network Coverage)

AT&T is mainly known for its extensive network coverage, which ensures strong connectivity in urban and rural areas. Businesses can choose plans according to their needs, budgets, requirements, etc. With these plans per month, you can get up to 5-60 GB of hotspot data.

AT&T has three plans: Starter, Extra, and Premium. The Starter and Extra Plans have a Standard Streaming feature, while the Premium Plan has a 4k UHD Streaming feature. With these plans, you can get AT&T ActiveArmor advanced security, a free app that monitors the dark web for personal information and helps block harmful websites.

AT&T business plans can be suitable for any type of business. Still, it depends on which plan makes it a good option for businesses with basic communication needs, moderated data usage, and high demands. 


  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Blocking
  • Voicemail
  • 3 way Calling


  • Expensive Pricing Plans


Plans  Pricing (Monthly/ user)
Starter $36
Extra $41
Premium $51

9. Nextiva: Best for Unified Communications

Nextiva is another popular VoIP phone system that offers business cell phone plans. These plans come with various standard VoIP features, including auto attendant, call routing, voicemail, and HD video conferencing.

Nextiva has three major plans: Essentials, Enterprise, and Professional. The Essentials plan is suitable for all teams, the Professional plan is mostly for sales, service, and customer support teams, and Enterprise is for marketing teams.

Users can have unlimited video meetings with the enterprise plan, while with the professional plan, users can have video meetings with up to 40 participants. Also, the Microsoft Teams Integration can only be found on the Enterprise plan.


  • Conversational Analytics 
  • Call Park 
  • Call Screening
  • Unlimited Audio & Video Recording in Enterprise Plan
  • Multi-level Auto Attendant in Professional Plan


  • Less intuitive features
  • Call Recording is only available in the Enterprise plan


Plans  Pricing (Monthly/ user)
Essentials $25.95
Professional $30.95
Enterprise $40.95

10. 8×8: Best for Video Conferencing Capabilities

8×8 is the last VoIP phone system provider that offers business cell phone plans in X2, X4, X6, X7, and X8 structures. These plans include features like SMS, MMS, Team Chat, Call Recording, Call Monitoring, Call Whispering, CRM Integrations, IVR, and Real-Time Monitoring.

Since 8×8 has many plans, it’s essential to check each plan’s features to see if it meets your business requirements and needs. The X2 plan is best for small businesses, the X4 plan is best for mid-sized businesses, the X7 plan is best for businesses with multi-channel customer engagement, and lastly, the X8 plan is best for large organizations with complex contact center needs.


  • Speech & Text Analytics
  • Voice Calling
  • Video and Audio Conferencing
  • Call Routing
  • Auto Dialer Software


  • Moderate Learning Curve
  • Not suitable for Small Teams and Enterprises


Contact the Sales Team


Selecting the best business cell phone plan is necessary and involves a thorough analysis of various factors tailored to specific business needs. The top 10 business phone plans offer various features to enhance communication, increase productivity, and manage costs effectively.

These plans can vary in cost, data allowances, flexibility, and coverage, ensuring a suitable option for all business sizes and industries. As you explore these business cell phone plans, consider your company’s data usage and geographic coverage. By carefully assessing different factors to consider while buying a business cell phone plan, you can ultimately support business communication infrastructure and contribute to the business’s success.

KrispCall offers cost-effective business cell phone plans with advanced VoIP features at just $12 annually and $15 monthly. Book a free KrispCall demo to see if it meets your business requirements and needs.


How do I ensure security in my preferred business cell phone plan?

You can ensure security in your preferred business cell phone plan by choosing one with Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions, data encryption, and a multi-factor authentication feature. 

How do I monitor and control the usage of my business cell phone plan?

You can monitor and control the usage of your business cell phone plan by setting up alerts and notifications and utilizing third-party applications to monitor the total usage.

What are the factors to consider while buying business cell phone plans?

There are many factors to consider while buying business cell phone plans like total cost and budget, device compatibility, contract terms and flexibility, plan customization, security and data management, etc.

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