Bulk SMS Marketing Why it Still Makes Sense
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  • Last Updated: 17 Jan 23
  • 11 min read

Bulk SMS Marketing: Why it Still Makes Sense in 2023

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  • Last Updated: 17 Jan 23
  • 11 min read

Bulk SMS marketing is a method of communicating with a large number of customers in less time via text messages.

Your business can reach potential customers worldwide with special offers and discount pricing using bulk SMS marketing.

Some rules should be used to send an advertising message to countless people at once. 

Bulk SMS can send its campaigns to users to notify them of exclusive offers, emergency info, updates, reminders for a better customer experience, and much more.

It helps create the message you desire to communicate to the customers and deliver it.

Let’s know more about it.

What is Bulk SMS marketing? 

It is a strategy based on sending a text to a broad audience worldwide. It is well organized for all kinds of businesses because it reaches different goals quickly.

It offers enormous opportunities for collaborating with the audience. Limited numbers are only provided by creativity and the phone number list.

It is a valuable and effective marketing channel that should communicate part of any mobile marketing strategy that is prone to success in this mobile world.

How to Start with the help of Bulk SMS Marketing?

It has a straightforward process; uploading the contact list, drafting the messages, and it’ll make sure to get the news delivered instantly. Sending messages allows reaching specific consumers.

  • Creating an SMS campaign.
  • Fill in the name of the sender.
  • Upload the contact lists and the draft messages through the dashboard.
  • Choose the recipients
  • Click send, and then the messages are guaranteed to be sent instantly to the customers.
  • Launch the SMS campaign.
  • Through the reporting and analytics, we know the progress.

Is Bulk SMS Marketing Still Effective?

Although digital communication is preferred in executing digital marketing, SMS marketing is still as effective as it has ever been. 

Official work calls for means of communication through emails, social media, and other methods unrelated to business, so texting one’s number or calling them can be the personal means of communication after talking to them personally. 

Businesses still use SMS for marketing. Companies have the number of users to put their referrals through, which can be related to sales messages or starting a formal relationship to benefit their services.

Why Bulk SMS Marketing still makes sense in 2023?

Bulk SMS provides several benefits for businesses. From a financial view, Bulk text SMS is amongst the most low-cost ways to meet with tons of customers.

SMS marketing makes companies marketing expenditure half of the premium of creating and distributing other digital and print marketing collateral is considered.

Billions of mobile users worldwide can receive SMS are the most straightforward way to get to customers by sending SMS online using SMS marketing software such as the Bitrix24. Here, businesses can gain a large audience directly. 

What are the common uses for Bulk SMS marketing?

Mobile phone usage has continued every month to reach new goals, and more than half of the world uses smartphones or owns a mobile phone.

The report shows over 50% of online traffic is through mobile phones. It suggests that bulk SMS services are worth investigating to see if they may help businesses earn a favorable return on investment.

With this, SMS businesses can hold out too many customers and worthy customers. Only people who have the number can reach that individual.

Time-sensitive promotions

Many businesses are using the power of SMS to give off updated offers to customers. The food and hospitality industry uses SMS service to attract customers with sales and give limited-time offers to increase sales during a particular period.

Sending MMS

While sending marketing text messages is unfailing to deliver advertising content, MMS is becoming progressively popular for businesses looking for creative edges. 

It empowers multimedia content, for example, images, videos, and audio, to be sent to a mobile device.

It has attractive graphics, MMS (including GIFs), which can upgrade the engagement of many offers. For more information on applying this medium, see these uses for MMS.

Customized offers

It makes customers feel more valued as an individual than receiving special and exclusive offers, and for a customized touch, businesses use SMS features. 

It helps send customized messages to countless groups of people or companies at once and allows companies to add store locations, first names, and other personal details in detail.

Customized messages show that the business values them and improves its brand reputation and customer experience.

What Can Bulk SMS Do For Your Business?

Every month, mobile phone usage continues to rise to record highs. As per the Digital, half of the world and more uses smartphones or owns mobile phones. 

The report shows over 50% of online traffic is through mobile phones. It suggests that bulk SMS services are worth investigating to see if they may help companies earn a favorable return on investment.

SMS businesses can hold out to large numbers of customers and worthy customers with Bulk SMS services. Only people who have the number can reach that individual.

What companies use SMS marketing?

While most of us are comfortable texting our family and friends, it isn’t straightforward to text the customers. It’s more self-conscious about the texts we send to those we do business with. It feels like there is so much more at stake should you send the wrong message.

  • IKEA – It enables its customers of new updates via SMS alerts
  • Facebook – Improves security by sending text messages for OTP codes.
  • CNN – Focuses its target audience by using text messages
  • Petco – It communicates dog grooming updates to the clients and one-time offers.
  • Express – Notifies its customer about their new and limited offers and updates via SMS marketing.
  • Reebok – Keeps customers updated on new offers, promotions, and sales via Bulk SMS marketing.
  • Tommy Hilfiger – It alerts customers of new products and promotions via SMS 

How Does Bulk SMS Marketing Performance?

Text messaging is a serial communication that is very effective for organizations.

Some rules should be considered when planning an SMS marketing strategy. 

  • Transactional Messages: Delivering assignable details through SMS helps brands make the messages valuable and evident for customers.
    For example, ordering confirmations, flight changes alert about accounts, reservations, appointments, and payments due.
  • Promotions & Campaigns: SMS marketing helps spark action and results with personalized promotional messages such as sale alerts, upsell opportunities, partner promotions, and more.
  • Multimedia Messages: Adding visual text messages can make a huge difference, allowing brands to add images and longer texts. It indicates an increased rate when using an MMS message.
  • Multi-Channel Engagement Strategies: Mobile wallet passes and pushes notifications to raise the effectiveness and reach of any campaign.
  • Transforming Brick-and-Mortar Visitors into Digital Customers: It experiences or motivates customers to participate in SMS so you can get more opportunities to know them, glimmer loyalty, and encourage additional sales in both digital and in-person.

How do businesses get clients for Bulk SMS?

List out some of the top benefits that can impress people to use bulk SMS. It allows people to create the message you wish to communicate with their customers and deliver it to them in a way you know they’ll see. 

Some of its benefits are:

  • Massive engagement of clients: SMS is considered an effective channel for engaging with customers. Most of the SMS messages are opened; as the clients say, they check their messages regularly, and Most are read within minutes.
  • Reach: It makes it possible to contact customers who don’t have your mobile app or employ offline customers on other channels.
  • Personalization: Nowadays, mobile consumers want customization, which allows them to send timely and personalized SMS.
  • Mobile wallet integration: Matching SMS broad reach with the benefit of mobile wallet creates flawless mobile-first user experiences for using tickets, loyalty cards, boarding passes, coupons, and so much more.
  • Immediacy: Bulk SMS marketing solutions permit organizations to send time-sensitive notifications to an audience’s mobile device without any development work or application.
  • No app required: SMS is one of only two mobile channels (the other one is a mobile wallet) that help you message users directly without an app.

5 Best Tips for an Effective Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign

While most of us are comfortable texting our family and friends, it isn’t straightforward to text the customers. It’s more self-conscious about the texts we send to those we do business with. It feels like there is so much more at stake should you send the wrong message.

But we should not be worried about proceeding with the anticipation of texting the customers. Communication with customers is still a proportionally new concept.

So it is necessary to form more robust customer relationships, and the fastest way to do that is with SMS.

1. Rewarding the best clients with the special attention

After identifying the most loyal clients and creating a database, ask them to participate in SMS marketing (if they haven’t already) to define particular, customized messages to be sent to them. 

You can arrange unique campaigns to reward the best customers, strengthening their loyalty even more.

2. Caring about your clients

Bulk SMS messaging is an appreciable customer care tool used to send information and talk to customers about any topic related to the work. 

Explain services, send instructions, short manuals to help the customer understand the given offer, service, or remind them of important things to them, help them find directions to your nearest office.

3. Immediate response 

SMS can be sent quickly, read, and reply because it takes just seconds to send the messages through a Bulk SMS. It makes SMS the fastest messaging tool available today, with the highest open rate.

This makes SMS ideal to use for quick feedback on client experience immediately after a customer uses services or makes a purchase in your store. 

This communication campaign helps realize if the customer service is Skilled or capable. And customers also appreciate the fact that agents care about their opinion. 

4. Keeping customers updated regularly

Once they come to use the service, clients will expect the business to make them visit again and inform them about your special offers, promotions, product announcements, or else. 

If they’ve made an order through your e-commerce site, they will much appreciate being informed about their order and delivery status. 

Well-timed SMS alerts, sent through a wholesale SMS gateway, will do this job, making both a customer and you satisfied.

5. Build meaningful conversation

With a well-executed Bulk SMS campaign, you can build high-quality interactions with your customers. As opposed to just sending one-way information, you can start a two-way conversation so your customers can respond to you as soon as possible.

This way, your Bulk SMS campaign can even become an excellent and helpful help-desk service or feedback collector. Engage, listen and reply – these are the three most essential elements in establishing long-lasting relationships with your customers.


Consumers have been cleverer than ever, which is why they prefer two-way communication with agents rather than receiving no-reply emails, and this is where SMS is considered helpful.

Well-managed SMS is expected to be opened, read, and responded to, making it easier to link up with the target easily.

Likewise, KrispCall is a proprietary business communication platform that doesn’t need to be complicated to serve its purpose well. It helps you to get international phone numbers right from the comfort of your home, and its unified callbox assists you in effortlessly managing your call logs from one window.

The number of messaging apps being produced in the various app stores keeps rising each day. It looks like the digital SMS platform is expanding its roots far and wide.

SMS marketing has now become more vital than ever. SMS marketing tends to be a favorite for digital marketers and consumers. Also, customers prefer to receive texts rather than calls from businesses; SMS marketing continues to be a very effective way for them.


Why is using bulk SMS an effective marketing strategy?

Bulk SMS for business helps you stay in touch with your consumers regularly. They are ensuring that their experience is excellent and constant. Customers enjoy being treated like VIPs. 

Therefore, Bulk SMS is an effective marketing strategy in approaching clients to strengthen connections. This connection can grant you more customers as people tell each other about the good services.

Is there any limitation to how many numbers can be sent at one time?

Users should limit the number of comma-separated mobile numbers to approximately 100.

How to know if the messages are delivered?

It’s essential to regularly maintain your contact list to ensure that the messages are going to invalid numbers. We provide you with real-time delivery reports with details of messages sent and their delivery status.

Can I send messages anonymously?

No, you should not send periods. Some rules explain points should know who is sending the messages.


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