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Boost Your Customer Service with a Philippine Phone Number



Boost Your Customer Service with a Philippine Phone Number

Having a local Philippines number is beneficial as many Filipinos are fluent English speakers, allowing easy communication. However, without a presence in the Philippines, communicating with customers can be difficult. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue, i.e., utilizing a virtual phone number📲 based in the Philippines. A Philippine dial-in number allows timely attention, similar to an in-house call center, but at a fraction of the cost. 

This blog will look at how such a service can transform telephone inquiries into positive experiences. By learning about the advantages a Philippine contact provides, you’ll understand how it raises customer satisfaction from initial calls.


  • A Philippine phone number lets timely customer attention at a fraction of the cost of an in-house call center.
  • Philippine agents can provide 24/7 support without needing multiple overseas teams, saving businesses money.
  • Over 100 million Filipinos speak fluent English, enabling easy communication with international clients.
  • Cultural sensitivity and training produce high-quality customer service from Filipino agents despite lower wages than in other countries.

Understanding The Philippine Market For Customer Service

Understanding the Philippine Market for Customer Service

The Philippines market for customer service is a strategic choice for customer support. Over 39.4 million Filipinos speak fluent English as a second language, making communication with international clients easy. Customer service remains a top career path due to training programs through call centers. 

The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia between many other countries. This means agents there can work 24/7 to help customers without companies needing teams in other places. Companies save costs since they don’t have to hire workers in other time zones for different shifts. 

Moreover, Filipino agents also like to work with a chilled-out and friendly attitude. This keeps customers feeling happy with the service. Finally, great service from the Philippines spreads the word about brands. When people have good experiences getting help from Filipino representatives, it improves the perception of companies worldwide.

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8 Ways To Boost Your Customer Service With Philippine Phone Number

The Philippines has overtaken India by overtaking the world’s top call center capital. Let’s see how accessing a Philippines call center can boost your customer service with a Philippine phone number:

1. 24/7 Availability

The Philippines has a large workforce capable of providing 24/7 customer support, with over 1.4 million Filipinos employed in the BPO industry. Having agents in the Philippines means that customers can get help any time they need it, even late at night or on weekends. This round-the-clock support is convenient because customers don’t have to wait until regular business hours to contact someone if an urgent problem arises. 

2. After Hours Support

60% of service teams now offer customer support across multiple communication channels, including phone calls, email, and chat, allowing for after-hours support. A team in the Philippines allows companies to support customers even outside of regular 9-5 hours. This will enable companies to support customers for outbound calls placed outside regular hours and respond to inbound calls. 

3. Quick Response Times

Using a customer service team based in the Philippines allows companies to improve how fast agents respond when customers contact them. Because the calls are going across fewer time zones and less distance, there is less wait time before the line starts ringing in Manila. This quick connection means less holding and less delay in getting help. 

4. Specialized Agent Roles

Having customer support representatives in the Philippines who each focus on specific requests is beneficial. The agents can build up expertise by repeatedly addressing the same kinds of issues. This allows them to gain in-depth knowledge of technical problems or account questions. Then, when a customer needs help with one of those areas, the call will get routed to an agent who knows that subject inside and out. 

5. Multilingual Support

A customer service team based in the Philippines is advantageous because the agents speak multiple languages. As a diverse country, many Filipinos can communicate in English and other languages like Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and more. This means the support representatives can assist international clients from different cultures and backgrounds. 

6. Cost Reduction

Outsourcing customer service to work in the Philippines provides significant cost savings compared to hiring those roles locally. Data shows that the typical monthly earnings for full-time employees in the Philippines is approximately $326.79, much lower than in the US, which is $6228 per month. So, wage levels are significantly lower in the Philippines.

7. Scalable Staffing

Having a customer service team based in the Philippines allows companies to quickly adjust the number of agents as needed. Since the workforce is housed in a large call center, it’s no problem to hire more people if call volume spikes. Companies don’t have to worry about being able to handle heavy periods of high-load calls. 

8. Improved First Call Resolution (FCR)

33% of customers consider effective question-answering as the most crucial competency for a customer care representative, a skill that Filipino CSRs are trained in. The representatives learn effective troubleshooting skills and follow best practices for questioning customers to understand problems completely. This means agents can better diagnose root causes and fix concerns without placing the person on hold for research or transfer calls

With an increment in FCR, businesses experience a positive surge in their customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and brand reputation, as well as a boost in customer loyalty. 

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Best Practices For Utilizing A Philippine Phone Number

Here are some of the best practices for utilizing a Philippine phone number: 

  • Train agents thoroughly: Train the agents well by teaching them how to understand customers and fix problems quickly the first time. This will prevent customers from getting annoyed that their issues weren’t solved.
  • Monitor call quality: Listen and check calls to ensure agents treat people respectfully. Monitoring calls helps managers determine if anyone needs extra help doing a good job.
  • Schedule shift overlap: Having shifts that overlap during busier times prevents customers from facing long wait times. The overlapped hours also allow agents to pass on important information. 
  • Empower agents: Let agents make choices to help customers without asking for permission each time. This shows customers the company will fix issues now on their initial call, increasing satisfaction.
  • Track key metrics: Review data on wait times, solutions, and whether customers are satisfied. Look at what’s working and what could be improved to keep getting better at customer service.
  • Conduct customer surveys: Send periodic surveys to get direct feedback on customers’ satisfaction. Address any common concerns that arise to enhance the experience.


Utilizing KrispCall’s virtual Philippine phone number effectively allows businesses to improve their customer service affordably. By gaining access to a direct Philippine dial number, companies can provide many of the same benefits as an in-house call center without the high costs. 

Features like 24/7 availability, quick response times, and multilingual support help deliver excellent first-call resolution. Additionally, a Philippine virtual phone number from KrispCall also brings advanced features like high-quality audio, phone tree (IVR), call forwarding, call analytics, call logs, multimedia messaging, etc. 
Likewise, KrispCall’s service also offers scalable access to customer service representatives and agents without long-term contracts or overhead. Businesses only pay for the resources they need, keeping costs reasonable. So, why wait? Schedule a demo and try out KrispCall today.

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