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Best Virtual Phone Number Services for Small Businesses

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You can understand the importance of communicating with your customers if you own a small business.

Communication is a deciding factor for the success of small companies. Small businesses generate leads and build brand images by speaking to potential clients.

So how can small businesses better connect with their customers? The answer is virtual phone services.

What is a virtual phone service?

A virtual phone service is a phone system that handles calls over an internet connection. A virtual phone calls via a desktop application, a mobile phone, or an IP phone rather than a traditional phone.

The best feature of virtual phone services for small businesses is the availability of multiple virtual phone numbers. A virtual phone number is a contact number without a fixed location or telephone line connection.

Why use virtual phone numbers?

Small businesses can expand their customer base at a lower cost by purchasing virtual phone numbers. Virtual numbers are not tied to a location so companies can buy numbers in any area at a standard fee. In addition, since these numbers operate online, they have added functionalities such as call routing, voicemail, call recording, etc.

Let’s delve into the more profound benefits of a virtual phone number for your business:

1. Cheap International Calls

Virtual phone numbers have the advantage that you don’t need to pay for expensive international PTSN numbers. Instead, you can easily purchase international phone numbers for your company. By simply picking a number and filling in purchase details, you get a ready-to-use phone number.

Small companies that have lower budgets can buy virtual phone numbers for different countries at a reasonable cost. Getting international numbers means small businesses can expand their reach overseas at a reasonably low cost. You can use international numbers to establish a local presence in places beyond immediate office locations.

2. Toll-free Numbers

Virtual toll-free numbers have lower subscription rates than traditional phones. Customers are more likely to engage with companies that provide toll-free services. Customers will be more likely to contact the company since they won’t be charged for the calls.

Small businesses can also purchase international toll-free numbers using virtual phone services. Small businesses can build credibility overseas by purchasing toll-free numbers for different countries.

Clients, who see a local toll-free number, will be less hesitant to make calls to a business not located in their country. Small businesses can now expand globally without investing in physical offices.

3. Advanced Services

Virtual numbers have advanced features of SMS, MMS, voicemails and even call conferencing. Businesses can increase customer accessibility by adding more contact options.

Building a brand image for small companies is hard since they cannot invest in large-scale advertising. However, tweaking contact services can increase customer loyalty for smaller businesses.

Customers will feel more comfortable contacting you if they can text, leave voice messages, etc. Your contacts will be more likely to become loyal customers as your company becomes more accessible.

4. Advanced Call Features

A virtual phone number can be used on various devices, such as mobile phones and laptops. An employee can access company information from any location with an internet connection using multi-device operations. For small companies that telecommute, this is a great advantage.

When employees work from home, they can take calls easily. The company doesn’t incur additional installation costs in this case.

Virtual phone numbers also come with call routing, number porting, and call forwarding features. These features allow employees to respond quickly and direct customers to the appropriate department. A virtual number can improve customer satisfaction by reducing holding and processing times.

5.     Minimal infrastructure investment

Capital expenses are always challenging for small businesses with low budgets. A virtual phone number, however, rarely requires any capital investment.

You only need an IP phone (optional) and a working internet connection to make a virtual phone call. There is no need to install telephone lines and devices.

You only need to pay a monthly subscription fee for maintenance and upgrades. So when small businesses buy virtual phone numbers, they save money and reduce their overall investment.

Small businesses can benefit from virtual phone numbers in many ways. You can purchase virtual phone numbers from the following three service providers:

5 Best Virtual Business Phone Service Providers for Small Businesses in 2022

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is the modern virtual business phone system. KrispCall offers one of the most competitive subscription plans among service providers.

There are three pricing tiers: Essential, Standard, and Enterprise. Small businesses will benefit from their basic plan. Monthly pricing starts at $10 per user per year. 

krispcall cloud-based phone system

KrispCall offers more than 100+ country international numbers. In addition, SMS, MMS, or voice calls can be made to international numbers according to the company’s preference.

KrispCall also offers options for number porting and number purchases. In addition, you can use KrispCall for small companies planning to move to virtual phones.

KrispCall’s USP

KrispCall’s ‘callbox’ feature gives you an all-in-one dashboard for managing your team. Companies can communicate more efficiently and divide teams on the dashboard. In addition, all call data is consolidated and accessible to multiple team members.

Team members can access client information with tools such as call recording, call tags, voicemail drops, etc. In addition, small companies with limited phone numbers can take advantage of the dashboard’s advanced tagging and calling features.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is a popular virtual phone service provider. Pricing rates for phone numbers are very reasonable and come with rich features. Subscriptions are available in four tiers: Essentials, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate.

Small businesses can save money on essential and standard plans. You have the option of unlimited phone calls and a range of toll-free minutes with each plan.

ringcentral cloud-based business phone system

A standard annual plan is an excellent option for small businesses switching to virtual phone systems. Annual plans range from $20-$60 per user, depending on the number of features.

A scalable virtual phone system from RingCentral provides a reliable option that does not require switching plans for small businesses that grow gradually. In addition, RingCentral offers reasonable expansion plans such as adding toll-free and international numbers for between $4 and $5 per user.

RingCentral’s USP

RingCentral is a brand name in the market for virtual phone systems. They have a comprehensive set of over 50 features that companies can use.

When you purchase a phone number, you will have access to their call management system. You can also manage 24/7 customer support and integrations with household brands such as Microsoft and Google. All plans offer these features. RingCentral provides a range of features that are beneficial to small businesses. 

3. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a perfect choice for businesses with smaller teams. Grasshopper’s subscription plans are tailored to small businesses. Their pricing plans are Solopreneur, Partnership, and Small Team, with annual plans ranging from $20 to $70/month.

grasshopper virtual business phone system

The plans include unlimited texting options using the business numbers. Grasshopper provides options for vanity phone numbers, which aids in brand recall.

Though the pricing is not as cheap, Grasshopper does not require a long-time contract. You can cancel the subscription without any additional charge.

Grasshopper’s USP

Grasshopper is ideal for small companies that telecommute. Grasshopper’s mobile app is very well designed. You can make business calls easily with your mobile phone.

The mobile app has various functionalities such as voicemails, viewing faxes, signing PDFs, etc. Using Grasshopper on mobile lets, you manage both personal and virtual business calls on one phone.

These service providers have some of the best deals in the market for 2021. As a result, you can reach the largest number of customers and build your brand at the lowest cost.

Grab the best services out there and boost your business performance today!

4. Nextiva

Nextiva is the leading provider of virtual phone numbers in the communication market.  Call routing, auto-attendant, virtual receptionist, call queuing, call analytics, etc are some of the features included in different Nextiva packages.


It aids companies in communicating with their customers and forging stronger bonds with them. Nextiva is a solution for developing, enterprising, and expanding businesses that require upper management phone service. 

Nextiva’s USP

Nextiva is well known for its unified communication method. It enables businesses to use various communication channels under a single platform without any extra cost.

With a comprehensive feature set, it gives the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and consistency you need to manage your business. And none of it comes with any upfront expenditures, on-premise hardware costs, or system requirements.

5. FreshWorks

FreshWorks is a business phone solution for businesses of all sizes. It is simple to use and reliable. It assists small businesses to communicate with their clients at a reasonable cost.

Freshcaller integrates CRM and helps desk systems. It allows admins to get real-time information thanks to its robust reporting and analytics. It has phone numbers for more than 90 countries.

freshcaller phone system call center software 2021

It’s simple to use and allows you to make calls with ease. It enables consumers to set up a contact center in a few simple steps without the need for any phone gear.

FreshCaller’s USP

Freshcaller is popular for its call center software. Its comprehensive set of features has made remote working feasible for call center agents. 

It has a very easy-to-use user interface that stands as a major factor in improving the productivity of employees. 

Freshcaller’s sprout plan allows you to get a virtual phone number free of cost but you have to buy minutes to make phone calls. 

What are the differences between virtual and regular phone numbers?

Regular phone number Virtual phone number
ServicesTraditional PBX phone servicesCloud telephony services
RequirementsCopper wire connection or SIM card, cell phone towersSoftphone application, internet connectivity
FeaturesCall forwarding, call waiting, call hold, etc.All regular phone number features and advanced features like IVR, ACD, intelligent call routing, etc.
International calling chargesYesNo

Who can invest in a virtual phone system?

The best thing about a virtual phone system is that it is not bound to any single industry. It can be used anywhere and by anyone. 

Surely, the use of business virtual phone services can be different for different businesses but the core motive remains the same i.e business communication.

Small businesses, enterprise companies, and call centers are already investing in virtual phone number services.

Why should businesses use virtual phone numbers?

Communication with a large number of customers is a necessary part of driving a successful business and it is incomplete without a phone number.

The flow of business communication between the company and its clients cannot be appropriately organized using a standard phone system. As a result, implementing a cloud telephony system is the ideal option.

Virtual phone numbers are offered by various business phone services for a relatively low cost. When compared to a regular telephone system, a cloud solution will cut more than half the cost. Furthermore, you can easily access these numbers via a softphone without the need for additional hardware.

A business can have customers from foreign countries. So, businesses need to broaden their scope of the international market by using virtual phone numbers. For example, if you have business in Australia, you can get Australian phone numbers to handle that marketplace.

Virtual phone numbers immediately eliminate all the international calling charges because it operates through the cloud. They are responsible for creating a physical presence in the international market to generate more leads.


Virtual phone numbers look identical to a regular phone numbers but are far more effective and beneficial. You can easily get one for yourself from virtual cloud phone systems. 

If you have a small business then you can make the most out of virtual numbers. These numbers enable businesses to structure their communication strategy in such a way that your business can grow their brand image, improve ROI and create an online presence.

Get your own virtual phone number from KrispCall today. Try Schedule Free KrispCall demo now, to experience the best calling environment with your brand new phone number.


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