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  • Arun Chaudhary
  • Last Updated: 29 Apr 22
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Best Cloud Migration Service Providers in 2022

  • Arun Chaudhary
  • Last Updated: 29 Apr 22
  • 9 min read

Are you looking for the best cloud migration services to transfer data & applications in a cloud computing environment?

It’s time-consuming and costly to migrate your systems to the cloud on your own. So, it’s critical to hire a professional cloud services provider to assist you with an initial move and ongoing maintenance. You can identify what your business needs from a cloud services provider.

Keep reading this article to know the best cloud migration services for your online business that will help you with secure and transparent cloud migration without any data loss.

What is a Cloud Migration Service?

The process of shifting data, email, systems, and other company products to a cloud-based area is called Cloud migration.

Cloud Migration Services are tools or techniques which help a firm move some or all of its data storage services to the cloud. A cloud migration service, in general, assists cloud migration.

Cloud migrations are becoming more popular as more enterprises shift to the cloud. A cloud-to-cloud migration refers to companies transferring data between cloud services providers like; moving data from Google Cloud Anthos to AWS Services.

It’s time-consuming and costly to migrate your systems to the cloud on your own. So, it’s critical to hire a professional cloud services provider to assist you with an initial move and ongoing maintenance. You can identify what your business needs from a cloud services provider.

Benefits of Using Cloud Migration Services

There are different types of business and they are their own custom set of rules and requirements. By hiring professional cloud migration service providers you’ll get relax and enjoy these benefits.

Cost Saving

You can support cutting operating costs while boosting IT operations by switching to the cloud. When you move to the cloud, you just pay for what you need, eliminating the requirement to maintain costly data centers.


The cloud, when properly implemented, can be highly safe than traditional network services. The cloud is composed of systems, networks, and apps that must be securely configured and maintained using the “shared responsibility” approach.


All of your data is kept on the cloud, so it can be accessed regardless of whatever happens to your physical equipment. By moving to the cloud, employees of your firm will be able to utilize critical data and business information from any device, anywhere in the globe.


By migrating to the cloud, your company will be able to link systems more easily and increase the efficiency of all of its services.

Inside the cloud, the cloud provider handles hardware and software updates, saving money and time while ensuring that applications are always supported by the most up-to-date infrastructure.


By moving to the cloud, your firm will be able to scale up and down more easily in accordance with your IT needs and business strategy.

Organizations may significantly modify their infrastructure and workloads via cloud migration, it allows them to meet today’s needs without being tied to infrastructure and assets.

Top 6 Cloud Migration Service Providers in 2022

1. Azure Migration Service: Unified approach

Azure Migration Service provides detailed information & tools to make migrating workloads or applications to the Azure cloud as easy as possible, in many cases, completely automated.

The central hub for Azure migration helps you to track and perform your database conversion. Azure offers a flexible method for migrating your critical data without causing any disturbances.

Data transfers can also be automated with Azure Data Migration Assistant, and data can be shipped in mass to an Azure server with Azure Data Box. There are no setup costs, and you can pay for the services you want.

Azure Features :

Saving Cost: Quick lift-and-shift transfer capabilities are included in your Azure subscription at no extra cost, allowing you to migrate quickly. Azure Migration Program offers cost-saving options like Azure credits and Azure Hybrid Benefit, along with free security upgrades.

Unique Capabilities: Use free Azure technologies like agentless data center discovery, Azure readiness evaluation, cost analysis, application modernization, and application dependency visualization, or select from a choice of incorporated partner tools for more features.

Flexible Approach: Azure migration techniques are considered as the best flexible approaches to migrating the data or application in the cloud environment.

Central Hub: Azure features a central dashboard that keeps track of the progress and gives you helpful information. Generally, keeping track of the migration of data.

2. Google Cloud Migrate

Google Cloud Migrate enables you to move and operate your apps on Google Cloud without rewriting them, changing the images, or modifying the administration methods.

To reduce transfer time, it makes use of streaming technologies.

google cloud migration

There are several risks involved with data movement, but Google migration services help to solve them.

It increases data migration agility while ensuring data security, especially in the case of uploading failures.

At USD 100 per month, you can have as much storage as you need to get.

Google Cloud Migrate Features :

Fast Migration: Customers can transfer data up to 10 times faster than other platforms using Accenture’s accelerators and capabilities, as well as Google tools and automation.

Rollback: Google Cloud Migration has rollback capabilities that secure data during the time of transfer.

Built-in Testing: For a secure migration, there is a built-in validation testing framework.

Live Streaming: Google Migration Service allows you to watch data transfer and workloads perform in real-time.

3. AWS Migration Service

Migrating your internet sites, apps, databases, files, physical server, and virtual server from an on-premises environment or some other public cloud to Amazon Cloud is simple with the AWS Migration Service.

AWS Migration Service

When it concerns shifting your database systems to AWS, AWS migration services are the finest.
AWS Migration Hub is an AWS cloud transfer service that allows users to track the status of their app migration.

The most basic package costs USD 29 per month.

AWS Migration Features:

Reliability: You won’t have to make any changes to the original database using the AWS Migration service, so this cloud conversion software is highly reliable.

Reduce Downtime: It offers solutions that are meant to reduce the downtime of applications that rely completely on cloud databases.

Quick Migration: You can quickly transport data into and out of the cloud using the AWS Migration service.

Multi-task Migration: AWS migration service allows you to perform data migrations that are both heterogeneous and homogeneous.

4. VMware Cloud Migration Services

VMware Cloud Migration Services allow you to interconnect, operate, and protect applications running in the cloud computing environment.

The transition process is categorized into three stages: plan, develop, and move. VMware Cloud Migration offers you the tools and information that you need to accomplish your transfer at each level.

Vmware cloud migrate

VMware Cloud services are compatible with both public and private clouds. There is no need to re-architect apps or transform data while using these services.

VMware Cloud Migration Features:

Trust Worthy: VMware cloud migration service offers consistent & reliable working operations.

Several Option: VMware offers several options for migrating, running, and testing applications.

Supports Other Cloud Service: VMware operates with any cloud service and can help you control and maintain hybrid and multi-cloud setups from a single location.

Eliminates Infrastructure Management Challenges: Taking care of infrastructure is no longer a burden using VMware.

5. Densify

Densify is a cloud optimization and management tool that enables us to evaluate different cloud providers to find the most appropriate and cost-effective cloud-based solution.

Densify improves efficiency & profitability by balancing technology supply and application requirements.

Densify Cloud Migration

If you’re not sure whether you want to pay for it every month or not, then you should try it out for 14 days free trial to see if it’s right for you or not.

Densify Features:

Free Trial: You can try Densify for a 14-days free trial to check whether it is best for you or not.

Verify Task: Densify is responsible for each application’s security, workload compliance, and regulations.

6. Carbonite Migrate: Real-time Replicant

Carbonite Migrate is a systematic and reliable migration procedure that users can customize with the migration tools given.

carbonite migration service

Carbonite Migrate tool has capable of reducing downtime and protecting data loss. Its optimized approach guarantees that all workloads are uploaded to the appropriate platforms.

The annual cost of the basic plan is USD 59.9 approximately.

Carbonite Features:

Reduce Downtime: Carbonite Migrate offers near-zero downtime. It helps to minimize downtime as short as possible.

Minimize Data Loss: Carbonite Migrate helps to prevent the loss of data.

Real-time Replication: The utility continually duplicates changes from the sources throughout the process, retaining a perfect copy of the content and configurations on the destination server.

Supports Other Cloud Platforms: Azure, AWS, VMware, and Google Cloud are a few of the main cloud platforms that the Carbonite Migrate tool supports.

Features to Consider While Picking the Best Cloud Migration Service

It is important to check certain features before choosing the best cloud migration service provider. Here are a few of them:

Certification & Standard

Industry best practices and standards are demonstrated by providers who respond to recognized standards and quality frameworks.

While standards might not be able to decide which service provider you choose, they can assist you to shortlist capable providers.


Check to see if the provider’s platform and recommended technologies are compatible with your existing environment and/or can help you achieve your cloud goals.

Data Security

Check the cloud provider’s system and data security, as well as the capability of security operations and security governance practices.

Information security measures provided by the provider must be risk-based and properly assist your own security policies and procedures.

Read Also: How To Secure Yourself From Cloud Telephony Security Threats & Issues

Reliability & Performance

Make sure your selected supplier has procedures in place for coping with intended and unintended downtime that should be well-documented and proven.

They should have procedures and plans in action that detail how they intend to communicate with customers during outages, including timeliness, prioritization, and intensity level evaluation of problems.


Cloud migration is a concept that has received a lot of attention recently, especially in the organizational sector. Cloud Migration helps you to migrate all of the company products in a cloud-based area.

Cloud migration helps your company to develop and flourish without disrupting its current infrastructure.

Cloud-based services have advanced significantly in recent years, so it’s probably time for you to think about moving your systems to the cloud. It could assist in increasing your speed, durability, and adaptability.

There are various tools & services that we need to perform cloud migration. We already discussed the 6 best cloud migration services above. Overall, Cloud Migration is most for the business organization nowadays.

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