benefits of international phone numbers
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Benefits of international phone numbers & how to get one?

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Expanding your business in the international market is a huge task. But having international phone numbers make things easier. An international phone number not just helps you reach out to global customers but also assists in building trust in them.

However, getting an international number is not an easy job. Even if you get one after strenuous efforts, managing calls will still be a tough nut to crack. 

The roaming charges can get scary high and can cause businesses more loss than benefits. At the same time, the network complexities can degrade the call quality, and call drops can get more frequent. 

But thanks to cloud telephony services, owning international numbers and managing international numbers now have been as easy as clicks of a button. 

The cloud telephony services provide virtual phone numbers, which help you manage calls worldwide and handle your international clients efficiently. 

A virtual phone number offers more to your business than a regular international number. Here are the benefits of international phone numbers for your business.

How do international phone numbers work?

First, let’s understand how an international phone number generally works before learning its benefits.

The international phone numbers look exactly like a regular phone number but are not linked to a direct phone line. They use the internet service to forward your calls. Simple.

Just imagine a scenario,

Your business is in Australia, and you have clients/customers from the USA. You have a US virtual phone number. So when your customer from the USA dials your US virtual phone number, you can pick up that call from Australia. 

In this case, the virtual US number acts as a local American phone number for your US client. At the same time, you can receive the call from your regular Australian number.

There are two benefits here. First, the costly international call rate is eliminated. Secondly, your US customer will feel the physical presence of your business in the USA because of the virtual US phone number.

This can help your brand build trust with your clients and customers. And once trust is established, they are more likely to do business with you.

This is the major advantage of having an international phone number. But there are other exciting benefits as well. Now let’s discuss all those exciting benefits.

Benefits of International phone numbers

Here you will learn about ten important benefits that enrich you and your business. Let’s start from no. 1 all the way to no. 10.

1. Easy to own

The cloud telephony service platform offers international phone numbers for any country you want. Generally, these numbers are virtual in nature. So, you can buy it from any cloud telephony service provider located anywhere in the world. 

You can select any number from their list or request a custom number. But while subscribing to such services, you need to make sure that it contains all the essential features you need in your marketing and customer support campaigns.

2. Cuts down your phone bills

While running a business, companies look to maximize their ROI. This involves cutting down the cost, which decreases the company’s business revenue. 

In businesses where international calling is more frequent, companies look to reduce the call rates. Reducing the Talktime is one way to do that. That, however, may hinder customer experience.

With a virtual phone number, you can reduce your phone bills to a great extent without compromising the user experience. 

Compared to traditional telephony systems, VoIP calling through virtual phone numbers is a lot less cheap. Your virtual phone call bills will be approximately 50 to 70 percent less than a traditional phone call bill. And as there are several virtual international phone number providers in the market, you have the luxury to choose the best call subscription package according to your business needs.

3. Reduce the cost of physical infrastructure

Virtual number systems work over the internet. So you will have the flexibility to handle your calls from your existing smartphones, tablets/iPad, or computers. 

Unlike the traditional telephony system, cloud telephony systems do not require bulky and costly infrastructure. So you do not require big space or hefty investment during the setup. This offers a great benefit to small businesses and start-ups with limited capital to invest upfront.

4. Eliminate international call charges

PSTN systems include additional charges during international calls. Such steep call rates can discourage customers from calling you or getting in touch with your business. This way, you can lose all your precious leads, which could bring you conversion.

Luckily, your new virtual phone number will help you eliminate international call charges. A virtual phone number for a particular country acts as a local phone number for that country and charges a local fee. So a customer is more likely to make a call. 

5. Create a physical presence in the international market

Your customer should feel your physical presence in the international market. But it is not possible to open offices in foreign locations, especially for small companies. But this should not be a problem with a virtual phone number. 

You can be located in one country and operate a business in other countries. You can imitate your business presence with a virtual phone number, as it acts as a local phone number for your customer. This will help you gain the trust of your customers and grow your business.

6. Own numbers of multiple countries

There is no limit to buy international phone numbers. You can own multiple numbers of a single country. Or you can buy as many numbers of multiple countries for your businesses. 

One cloud telephony service platform can manage all your international phone numbers in one place. This will expand your reach to multiple countries and assist in distributing phone numbers for departments within your company.

7. Ability to integrate with CRM tools

When running a business with an international phone number, you must also use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to handle your business’s relationship and interaction with customers. 

What can be better than integrating a CRM tool like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, etc., with your existing call management system? Ensure your cloud telephony service platform can integrate CRM, which will benefit your business to generate more leads.

8. Explore sophisticated features

Having an international phone number not only gives you access to all traditional phone system features but offers many sophisticated features like call recording, call queuing, video conferencing, messaging, etc. 

You have the flexibility to use any necessary feature at any time to handle your business communication. Since you can work from anywhere and anytime, you can make or receive calls 24*7.

9. Create brand image

Building a good brand image is essential for a successful business operation. It determines how your customers currently view your brand. 

Enabling a custom greeting on your international phone number will allow your customers to learn about your business better. It allows customers to quickly get any information regarding your brand. 

This avoids the need to talk to your agents to get the basic information about your company. As the custom greeting helps the caller get the information right away, it improves their experience with your business. This positive impact on your customer helps you create a good brand image.

10. Own Toll-free numbers

A toll-free number incurs no charges. If you get an international toll-free number for your company, then it directly boosts your business’s credibility. Customers are more likely to call when there are no call charges. 

Your potential customers will be willing to stay on the call for an extended period that can increase customer interest and satisfaction with your brand. This will directly improve your business’s sales and conversion rate.

How to get an international phone number?

Now that you agree that an international phone number can significantly benefit you and your company. So if you are willing to own one, you can get one by following three simple steps:

  1. Choose a Cloud telephony service platform
  2. Select a number from the country of your choice
  3. Purchase the number

The fast and easy way to get an international phone number is to first find the cloud telephony service provider, which provides all the relevant features required for your international outreach. 

Many platforms are offering various subscription packages and features at different price ranges. 

You need to compare all platforms to identify your company’s needs and then decide which option is the best suited for you. According to that, pick the best and most reliable cloud telephony service platform for your business.

To sum up everything,

Virtual phone numbers are the most cost-efficient and flexible way to drive your business’s reach globally. These numbers are easy to use and easy to get. You can get one for yourself from most of the virtual cloud telephony services available in the market. 

Speaking of which, KrispCall is an exciting new cloud telephony service platform in the town. It is a virtual cloud phone system for your business. You can purchase any international phone number of your choice from their list of more than 100 countries. Whether it’s a toll-free number, local number, mobile number, or national number, KrispCall offers it all. 

KrispCall is growing in popularity thanks to its CRM integration feature. Along with its unified callbox feature and click-to-call widget, KrispCall is a hot topic in the market because of its reasonable price point and reliable features to make your business a success. 


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