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7 Best AI Hiring Tools To Select Best Candidates Fast



The 7 Best AI Hiring Tools

In the current competitive talent market, finding the ideal candidate may seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. But what if there was a smarter way to recruit?

That’s where AI hiring tools come in.

One research also suggests that almost 90% of HR professionals experiment with AI tools in their HR departments 😮. 

These tools help you to automate tedious tasks to identify top talent. Whether you are an experienced HR professional or a small business owner aiming to assemble your ideal team. AI hiring can be a game changer.

➡️This comprehensive guide dives into the 7 best AI hiring tools on the market today, helping you navigate this dynamic space and find the perfect solution for your specific recruitment needs.


  • Workable streamlines hiring with AI-powered sourcing and simplifies the process for a faster, smarter way to find top talent.
  • Manatal uses AI to analyze writing styles and predict cultural fit, ensuring you find candidates who align with your team’s values.
  • AI hiring tool is a software application that uses artificial intelligence to automate and streamline the recruitment process.
  • These AI hiring tools allow companies to find top talent candidates.
  • Focus on your needs and key factors while choosing the best AI recruitment tools for your business.

What is AI Hiring Tools?

AI hiring tool is a tool that helps you make your recruitment smoother. These software applications use artificial intelligence to simplify and improve the hiring process. From finding information about relevant skills to conducting interviews, AI hiring tools are always there for you. 

Utilizing AI hiring tools allows you to automate tasks such as re-screening, allowing recruiters to target qualified candidates.

Analyze the perfect candidate for you from the large candidate pool with this tool. By using AI hiring tools, you can also conduct virtual interviews.

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Top 7 Best AI Hiring Tools for 2024

From the list of available AI hiring tools, you might get easily confused about which one is suitable for you. In this confusion, people often make mistakes by choosing the wrong one. So, we are here to assist you in selecting the best AI hiring tools to streamline your recruitment process. 

But are you wondering how we choose these seven AI hiring tools? 

We reviewed the features and pricing of each tool. Then we selected the seven best tools for you 🙂.

Here is a breakdown of the seven best AI hiring tools, including their features, pricing, and what each tool is best suited for.

ToolsFeaturesPricingBest For
WorkableAI-generated job descriptions, AI recruiter for instant sourcing, interview question generation, Starting from $189/monthCompanies looking to improve efficiency, strong collaboration, and candidate experience. 
ManatalAI-powered recommendations, enriched candidate profiles, smart job posting, applicant tracking system (ATS)Starting from $19/user/monthBusinesses looking to combine sourcing efforts, ATS, and recruitment CRM into one platform
TextioReduces bias, improves clarity & engagement, predicts candidate fit, provides real-time feedback, and integrates with existing systemsContact salesCompanies need to reduce bias in job postings & other communications and improve the effectiveness of job postings
TuringGlobal talent pool of pre-vetted developers, AI-powered matching, automated interview scheduling, skills assessmentsContact salesOrganizations seeking to optimize their hiring processes 
FetcherTalent sourcing, candidate profiles, diversity sourcing, automation, and personalizationStarting from $649/user/monthBusinesses need to source candidates and automate outreach
HumanlyConversational AI, candidate screening, interview scheduling, candidate engagements, and matching skills and experienceContact salesCompanies needing to automate candidate conversations, engagement, and scheduling
FindemAI-driven talent search and outbound recruiting, detailed candidate profiles and activity tracking, automated interview schedulingContact salesBusinesses looking for precise sourcing with attributes

1. Workable

Workable is an HR software solution for small and medium-sized businesses. This tool aims to optimize collaboration and transparency between all recruitment stakeholders. It offers a modern candidate experience that offers mobile apps, easy interview scheduling, and engaging tools. 

Workable as AI Hiring Tools

This software application also offers post-hire capabilities, including onboarding and talent management. It also helps you create SEO-optimized job descriptions that rank higher in search results. This can significantly increase the visibility of open applications and attract a wider pool of qualified applicants.


  • AI-Generated Job Descriptions
  • AI Recruiter for Instant Sourcing
  • Interview Question Generator
  • Email Assistance
  • Resume Data Extraction


  • Speeds up hiring by automating tasks and filtering candidates.
  • Improves fairness with objective assessments based on set criteria.
  • Enhances candidate experience with personalized communication and streamlined applications.
  • Offers better matches between job seekers and employers.


  • May overlook qualified candidates due to AI bias in filtering.
  • Lacks human touch in the hiring process, potentially leading to a rush.
  • Requires proper training and data to ensure accurate AI assessments.
  • Can be costly depending on the features and company size.



2. Manatal

Manatal is powerful recruiting software that uses machine learning to transform candidate data into actionable insights. The software was designed to democratize recruitment, expand candidate reach, accelerate candidate screening, and improve recruitment team collaboration. 

Mantal as AI Hiring Tools

This AI hiring tool’s intuitive interface, customizable workflows, and automated task support allow all recruiting contributors to quickly maximize value. It has a drag-and-drop interface that enables your talent acquisition team to customize your recruitment pipelines with ease. 

With its advanced AI-powered recommendations and social media recruitment tools, you find and attract top talent by surfacing the best-fit candidates for your job. 


  • AI-powered Recommendations
  • Enriched Candidate Profiles
  • Smart Job Posting
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Interviewing and Scheduling Tools


  • Easy to use and learn with a user-friendly interface.
  • Powerful AI helps find qualified candidates through recommendations.
  • Affordable pricing compared to other Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
  • Integrates with social media for wider talent pool access.


  • Lacks features like a mobile app and self-scheduling for candidates.
  • It may not be ideal for small businesses due to limited budget.
  • The interface could be more intuitive with better search functionality.
  • Less focus on candidate experience during the application process.


Professional Plan$19/user/month
Enterprise Plan$39/user/month
Enterprise Plus Plan$59/user/month
Custom PlanContact Sales

3. Textio

Textio is an AI-powered writing platform that uses machine learning to analyze job descriptions and other recruitment and talent management messaging to minimize bias. It provides real-time guidance on language usage, tone, and inclusivity, helping recruiters craft job postings that resonate with a broader pool of candidates. 

Textio as AI Hiring Tools

Textio offers a powerful suite of tools to streamline your recruiting process, enhance diversity and inclusion, and attract top talent. It also provides data analysis to help you track your progress and identify areas for improvement. 


  • Reduces Bias
  • Improves Clarity & Engagement
  • Predicts Candidate Fit
  • Provides Real-time Feedback
  • Integrates with Existing Systems


  • Reduces bias in job descriptions with data-driven suggestions.
  • Improves hiring efficiency by attracting a wider range of qualified candidates.
  • Makes job descriptions more clear and appealing with real-time feedback.
  • Offers an easy-to-use interface for writing and editing job postings.


  • Can be expensive for smaller companies or infrequent users.
  • Requires some training to use all features effectively.
  • Lacks transparency in how its algorithms assess language.
  • May not be perfect for highly specialized or niche job roles.


  • Contact the Textio sales team. 
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4. Turing

Turing is one of the best AI-based recruiting tools for finding top-talent candidates. It combines AI and a global reach to help leading organizations hire qualified development and engineering talent based on each company’s specific business needs.

Turning as AI Hiring Tools

This gives hiring managers and talent acquisition teams the best candidates to choose from, saving time in their recruiting efforts. It enhances the recruitment process by intelligently matching candidates to job descriptions, saving time for hiring teams.


  • Global Talent Pool of Pre-vetted Developers
  • AI-powered Matching
  • Automated Interview Scheduling
  • Skills Assessments
  • Candidate Sourcing Services


  • Access to a wider talent pool of remote developers.
  • Faster hiring process with AI-powered screening.
  • Reduced time spent on scheduling interviews.
  • Potentially eliminates bias in the shortlisting process.


  • Unclear pricing structure with custom quotes.
  • Requires some technical knowledge to navigate the platform.
  • Potential for time zone challenges with remote teams.
  • Less human interaction during the initial screening phase.


  • Contact the Turing sales team.

5. Fetcher

Fetcher is another AI-powered recruitment tool that simplifies the talent acquisition process. This talent search automation solution helps companies connect with the best talent. It completely takes care of sourcing allowing you to focus on your candidate experience.

Fetcher as AI Hiring Tools

With Fetcher, you won’t need to spend hours searching databases and job boards for top talent. Its advanced AI and expert team find high-quality candidates that meet your hiring needs. You can also effectively gauge how well your processes work from the start of your search to when you hire a new employee with the software’s robust tracking and analytics features.


  • Talent Sourcing
  • Candidate Profiles
  • Diversity Sourcing
  • Automation
  • Personalization


  • Saves time by automating candidate outreach and sourcing.
  • Finds high-quality candidates through advanced search and experts.
  • Integrates with popular recruiting software for a smooth workflow.
  • Offers personalized communication templates for better engagement.


  • May not be ideal for broad searches without specific criteria.
  • Lacks integration with some email systems.
  • Pricing may not be suitable for all companies.
  • Relies on AI algorithms, which can have bias.



6. Humanly

Humanly is revolutionizing talent acquisition through an AI-based recruiting platform that facilitates conversations between candidates and hiring teams. Just employ a Conversational Bot across various platforms, including chat, SMS, social, and QR codes. 

Humanly as AI Hiring Tools

Humanly offers advanced features including automated candidate screening, scheduling, analytics, note-taking, and more. In addition, to resume parsing, it conducts pre-screening interviews, incorporating culture-related queries for organizational fit. Its AI-assisted notetaking and follow-up services make it an ideal assistant for high-volume hiring and post-interview analysis of candidates.


  • Conversational AI
  • Candidate Screening
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Candidate Engagements
  • Matching Skills and Experience


  • Reduced bias in the initial selection process.
  • Frees up recruiters for more strategic tasks.
  • Improves candidate experience with quicker responses.
  • Provides data-driven insights for better hiring decisions.


  • May overlook qualified candidates who don’t fit the AI’s mold.
  • Can’t assess soft skills or cultural fit well.
  • Relies on the quality of the data it’s trained on.
  • It can be expensive to implement and maintain.


  • Contact the Humanly sales team.

7. Findem

AI-powered recruiting software, Findem is focused on modernizing your talent acquisition process. It enhances features like role-based search, which allows you to find the perfect candidate through highly targeted searches. 

Findem as AI Hiring Tools

Findem also helps you leverage your existing candidate pool by uncovering hidden potential between candidates and former employees. This tool makes it easy for hiring managers to identify the right candidates for a job. In addition, Findem’s AI and 3D data provide your talent team with instant access to global data. 


  • AI-driven Talent Search and Outbound Recruiting
  • Detailed Candidate Profiles and Activity Tracking
  • Automated Interview Scheduling and Email Outreaching
  • Chrome Extension for LinkedIn Recruiting
  • Data-driven Insights and Analytics


  • Finds a wider range of qualified candidates through AI sourcing.
  • Saves time by automating repetitive tasks like screening resumes.
  • Provides data-driven insights to help target the best talent.
  • Integrates with existing applicant tracking systems (ATS).


  • May not identify the most relevant candidates due to limitations in search filters.
  • Outdated candidate information can lead to wasted time chasing unqualified leads.
  • Requires human oversight to avoid bias in AI algorithms.
  • Minimum contract length may be inflexible for some companies.


  • Contact the Findem sales team.
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Things to consider while choosing the Best AI Hiring Tools for Your Business

Here are some points that you need to consider while choosing the best AI hiring tools for your business.

Identify your specific needs

Evaluate the features that are most important to your hiring process, such as candidate sourcing, resume screening, interview scheduling, and bias mitigation. Look for tools that integrate seamlessly with your existing applicant tracking system (ATS) and other HR software. 

Consider the size of your company and the pricing model of the AI tools, as some may be more suitable for larger enterprises.

Features and Functionality

Look for tools that offer advanced candidate sourcing capabilities, including the ability to search across multiple platforms and leverage AI-powered recommendations. Evaluate the resume screening and assessment features to ensure they can accurately identify the most qualified candidates. 

Additionally, consider tools that provide seamless integration with your existing applicant tracking system (ATS) and other HR software to streamline the hiring process.


When choosing the best AI hiring tools for your business, it’s important to consider their scalability. Look for tools that can handle increasing volumes of candidates and job openings as your company grows. Evaluate the tool’s ability to automate repetitive tasks like resume screening and interview scheduling to maintain efficiency at scale. 

Consider the pricing model and whether it scales linearly with usage or has tiers for different company sizes.


AI recruitment tools are available in a variety of pricing structures, from subscription models to pay-per-use options. Review pricing models for different AI tools, including per-user pricing, subscription tiers, and one-time pricing. 

Find a tool that offers the right balance between performance and cost without breaking the bank. Consider tools that can be expanded as your business grows without significantly increasing costs.

Ease of use

The best AI hiring tool won’t be effective if it’s overly complex or has a clunky user interface. Consider the user-friendliness of the tool for both your recruiters and candidates. A complex and confusing interface can lead to frustration and hinder adoption by your team. 

Therefore, prioritize tools with intuitive interfaces that are easy to navigate for everyone involved in the hiring process.

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Final Words 

Most of the HR professional are using AI hiring tools to streamline their recruitment process. These tools help them to automate routine tasks, improve candidate matching, enhance candidate experience, and much more. 

However, you might feel overwhelmed by the numerous choices and various types of available solutions.

While selecting AI-powered recruitment, carefully consider factors such as your budget, desired features, and data privacy. By aligning the tool’s capabilities with your unique challenges, you can use AI to build a stronger talent pipeline and make better hiring decisions. 

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