Our Story

Creating a virtual phone for your future use.

Reliable, scalable, and futuristic. Jam-packed with a multitude of features, KrispCall's virtual cloud telephony system helps you connect with your team and clients from any corner of the world in just a few clicks and at an affordable price.

Our Story

Who we are?

KrispCall is a cloud-based communication platform where users can converse virtually through an internet protocol. The service is not just limited to VoIP calls. You can all send and receive SMS and MMS and even the voicemails all through a mobile and desktop app.

KrispCall is a modern take on the telephony system. It replaces the spacious, costly, and demanding traditional phone system with an internet-based telephony system. Businesses and startups can easily purchase or port their number – be it local or international. With KrispCall, getting numbers is easy, and calling is secure and cheap.

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Our Mission

What are we upto?

Small businesses and startups have suffered greatly because of bulky traditional telephony infrastructure, cumbersome setup, and exorbitant O&M costs. So to provide a simple, reliable, affordable & scalable communication platform for all, KrispCall was born. We provide:

1) Secure and affordable communication
With KrispCall's cloud phone, you can make calls over the internet using a mobile and desktop app. The setup is easy and inexpensive, and the calling rate is cheap. Besides that, you get end-to-end encryption, so your conversation always remains safe and private.
2) Simplified communication worldwide
We help businesses outreach clients beyond their local territory and expand their business globally. KrispCall provides local and international numbers based on your client's geographical location and helps build trust with your business.
3) Improved business workflow
You can manage and monitor the team quickly and automate the mundane tasks effortlessly. KrispCall comes with advanced calling features to increase workflow and improve team productivity.
Core Values

Core values we preserve

Businesses don't like to settle for average, and neither do we. Standing above mediocrity, we provide safe, feature-rich, reliable, and scalable virtual communication services at an affordable price. Our core values include:

1) Innovation
The main focus of KrispCall is to keep innovating keeping pace with modern technology so everybody can find us up and trendy.
2) Quality
We strive to maintain rigorous standards keeping no room for compromise to always get the best quality in our products and services.
3) Productivity
Company's growth goes hand in hand with team's productivity. We believe in maximizing the workflow and reducing human efforts.
4) Flexibility
Staying relevant no matter the type, size, and location of the business. Keeping big rooms for easy upscaling and downsizing, we ensure flexibility.